Fields Versus Action At A Distance – How Electromagnetics Works

ATLOSCon 2015I’m presenting a talk on “Fields Versus Action-At-A-Distance” at ATLOSCon 2015 in Atlanta this morning. This talk focuses on the conflict between the action-at-a-distance and the field approach to physical understanding from the days of Newton and Descartes to the present. Faraday devised the field concept in reaction to then prevalent action-at-a-distance theories. Maxwell’s mathematical formulation of Faraday’s ideas, and Hertz’s demonstration that electromagnetic waves convey energy from place to place set electromagnetics on a firm foundation. However, in modern practice, Maxwell’s Equations are stripped of their basis in reality and treated as floating abstractions. Recent discoveries in electromagnetics reinforce the original vision of electromagnetism’s founders and demonstrate a natural physical link between classical electromagnetics and pilot wave theories in quantum mechanics.

Here’s a link to my slides

And here are the slides embedded in my post:

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