First Edition Corrections

First Edition - The Art and Science of UWB Antennas
First Edition – The Art and Science of UWB Antennas

The first edition of my book, The Art and Science of UWB Antennas, may be ordered from Amazon.  Artech House will fulfill your order on a “print-on-demand” basis. The second edition is much improved and includes almost twice as much material. If you’re stuck with a first edition copy, however, you should be aware of these known errors.

  • p. 4 “Nikola” Tesla, not Nikolai Tesla.
  • p. 21 The reference in caption for Figure 1.20 should be [41], not [40].
  • p. 44 Fig 2.5 should read “planar elliptical,” not “log spiral” antenna.
  • p. 53 Received power (PTX) should be Received power (PRX).
  • p. 55 Eqn 2.22 should be |Einc| = Vrec/heff, not |Einc| = Vrec heff.
  • p. 70 in Fig. 3.5(a) swap D and d.
  • p. 98 f(at) <-> 1/a F(w/a) should be T(at) <-> 1/a F(w/a)
  • p. 121 “Additionally, Figure 4.18 lists..” should be “Additionally Figure 4.19 lists…”
  • p. 133 “Figure 4.29(a,b) illustrates this point…” should be “Figure 4.28(a, b)…”
  • p. 156-7 C2 = 1, not zero.
  • p. 180 “Assuming a solution of the form q = e^-at…” should be “Assuming a solution of the form q = q0 e^-at…”
  • p. 183 “…the peak of the impedance curve…” should be “…the peak of the admittance curve…”
  • p. 184 In the last line it should be “admittance” not “impedance.”
  • p. 217 The text references to 6.20 (b) and (c) should be (c) and (b) [Hat tip and thanks to Eric Schmiedl]
  • p. 239 The clover-leaf loop antenna was introduced by Smith in US Patent 2,521,550, not Brown.
  • p. 241 Figure 6.48(b) was originally a Smith chart which was deleted. Delete the line mentioning it and reorder the other references to Figure 6.48.
  • p. 246 “square root of the dielectric constant” not “square of the dielectric constant” (Kudos and thanks  to Hans Van Bruggen for pointing out the error!)
  • p. 282 It’s “Kerchoff” not “Kirchoff” in two places.
  • p. 305 in endnote [4] it’s “Yoon, Hyung Kuk” not “Yoon, Hyungrak.”

Find any other mistakes? Please leave a comment below.