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Participating authors include Kit Sun Cheah and Misha Burnett, Tom Kratman, David Knox, and Hans G. Schantz.

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Pulp on Pulp: Tips and Tricks for Writing Pulp Fiction
edited by Kit Sun Cheah & Misha Burnett

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Write Fast. Write Well. Get Paid.

These were the watchwords of old-school pulp fiction: fun, fast-paced, and immensely popular with readers.

The pulp era is coming back.

Blending timeless lessons from the grandmasters of the pulp era with the genres, tastes and technologies of today, PulpRev forges boldly ahead into the future of fiction.

Hugo and Dragon Award nominated writer Kit Sun Cheah teams up with Misha Burnett to compile a selection of essays on the PulpRev aesthetic from some of the leading writers in the movement.

Pulp on Pulp covers:
* How to plot like a pulp grandmaster
* How to write 5000 words a day
* The secrets of writing fantastic fight scenes
* Worldbuilding and character creation tips
* And many more!

PulpRev is the Revolution, Revival and the Renaissance of Pulp. Take the plunge into the new pulp era and become the best writer you can be!

A Case for Mary: An Orthodox Evangelism for Curious Protestants
by David Knox

Mary was a virgin, but did she stay a virgin after Jesus born?

Did she live a sinless life?

In his debut work, David Knox explores these and other questions that have become points of contention between Protestants and Orthodox Christians.

Using scripture, history, culture, and linguistics, A Case for Mary shines a light on how, and more importantly why they may not be so unbelievable after all.

Training for War: An Essay
by Tom Kratman *FREE*

An essay and manual on training for war by retired Army lieutenant colonel Tom Kratman, creator of the popular Carrera military science fiction series, including novels A Desert Called PeaceCarnifexCome and Take Them, and The Rods and the Axe.

Kratman’s contention: an army is for winning wars.

And to win wars, you have to train men (and some women) to be warriors, not police or social workers.

Herein Kratman gives guidance and a practical plan of action to officers tasked with training troops—advice than might be equally applied to other crucial training situations, as well.

The Biographies of John Charles Fremont
Hans G. Schantz

A Brief Historical Monograph

Rarely has a character appeared on the American scene of greater color and controversy than John Charles Fremont.

Dubbed “The Pathfinder” for having conducted some of the first rigorous scientific explorations of the American west, emigrants used his maps and reports as their guide to Oregon and California.

Fremont was instrumental in the military campaigns which secured California for the United States, only to be arrested and court-martialed for mutiny and insubordination.

Nominated the young Republican party’s first candidate for president, Fremont lost the 1856 election in a bitterly contested campaign.

Appointed one of four major-generals at the outbreak of the Civil War, Fremont was placed in command of the Department of the West. Succeeding in holding wavering Missouri for the Union, Lincoln relieved him of his command amid allegations of widespread corruption.

Having earned a fortune from his California gold holdings, he was impoverished by railway speculation. Fremont’s life was a serious of glorious triumphs and dismal defeats. Through it all, he remained a figure adored by some and despised by others.

This short monograph considers the development of the Fremont biography, analyzing works about the life and career of John Charles Fremont in their historical context. The term “biography” will be used in a wide sense, to include works which may deal with only limited aspects of Fremont’s career.

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