Second Edition Corrections

955 Schantz UWB Cover IsoThis page hosts any corrections, updates, or comments on the second edition of The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas. I’m confident an ample supply of corrections remain for the meticulous reader. Send me a note at [email protected] if you spot an error, and I’ll be happy to post it here, crediting you with a hat tip (H/T) as the discoverer. Plus, you’ll get a credit in the acknowledgements for the eventual third edition.

  • p. xxi It should be “Baby Dipper, LLC,” not “Baby-Dipper, LLC.” [H/T Barbara Schantz]
  • p. 187 It’s “Léon” not “Leon” Brillouin.
  • pp. 193-194 The time domain impulses are offset a bit from their proper positions in Figs. 5.2a and 5.3a.
  • p. 213 Swap [23] and [24].
  • p. 265 “radiated fields” not “radiates fields” in problem 5.12.
  • p. 248 The Fig. 5.37 caption should read “Impedance of an exponentially decaying dipole versus range.”
  • p. 282 Delete the period after [14].
  • pp. 286-288 Hertz appears to have first raised the point that static fields may exhibit non-static energy flows. See Electric Waves, p. 220 [H/T Bruce J. Hunt]
  • p. 359 Modern Physics should be italicized in [23].
  • p. 373 In the first line, energy flows perpendicularly  to the electric field phase contours, not tangentially.
  • p. 376 In Eq. 7.13, the variable of integration is “u,” not “z.”