Table of Contents for Atlas Shrugged


Chapter 1 – The Theme

11       I-1-1: Eddie meets bum; the oak tree; Taggart Building; Jim Taggart; Rio Norte Line; Ellis Wyatt; Pop Harper (9/02/11).

20       I-1-2: Dagny; Brakeman whistles Halley Concerto; faulty signal stops Comet (9/02/11)

25       I-1-3: Comet enters Taggart Terminal (9/03/11)

25       I-1-4: Dagny at Taggart Building, informs Jim that Boyle order cancelled; Rearden to supply rail (9/03/11).

Chapter 2 – The Chain

33       I-2-1: Rearden pours first heat of Rearden Metal (pp. 33-35); Walks home (pp. 35-38); Discussion with family & Paul Larkin (pp. 38-48) (9/03/11).

Chapter 3 – The Top and the Bottom

48       I-3-1: The Bar Scene: Jim Taggart, Orren Boyle, Paul Larkin, Wesley Mouch agree to sacrifice Rearden & Conway (pp. 48-52); Discussion of Mexico & The San Sebastián Line (pp. 52-54).

54       I-3-2: Dagny’s career (pp. 54-56); History of San Sebastián Line (pp. 56-62); Nat Taggart (pp. 63-64); The Cigarette Collector (pp. 64-65).

65       I-3-3: Eddie and worker talk in Cafeteria

Chapter 4 – The Immovable Movers

67       I-4-1: Eddie tells Dagny: McNamara quit (pp. 67-68); Dagny walks home, seeks rest/entertainment (pp. 68-69), listens to Halley & recalls his history (pp. 69-71), reads about Francisco & Mrs. Vail (pp. 71-72).

72       I-4-2: Jim Taggart and Betty Pope; Jim told of nationalization of San Sebastián Mines and RR Line.

74       I-4-3: Jim claims “credit” before board for Dagny’s stripping line clean.

75       I-4-4: Boyle and Jim reflect on losses, Francisco’s “defeat.”

76       I-4-5: Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog Rule passes; Dan Conway’s reaction (10/25/11).

79       I-4-6: Dagny talks with Dan Conway; Conway gives up (10/25/11).

82       I-4-7: Ellis Wyatt confronts Dagny (10/25/11).

84       I-4-8: Hank and Dagny discuss plans: Rio Norte Line & Rearden Metal.

Chapter 5 – The Climax of the D’Anconias

89       I-5-1: Mines revealed to be fraud; Dagny & Eddie discuss Francisco.

90       I-5-2: Dagny walks to Wayne-Falkland Hotel, recalls childhood friendship with Francisco & D’Anconia family history. Dagny’s debut (pp. 102-103), romance with Francisco (pp. 103-108); Francisco’s meteoric rise (pp. 109); Dinner at the Wayne-Falkland (pp. 110-114); Francisco becomes playboy (pp. 114-5); Dagny confronts Francisco about San Sebastián (pp. 116-124).

Chapter 6 – The Non-Commercial

124     I-6-1: Reardens’ Anniversary Party; Equalization of Opportunity Bill (pp. 129); Dr. Pritchett (pp. 129-130); Balph Eubank (pp. 130-131); Bertram Scudder (pp. 131-132); Claude Slaggenhop (pp. 132-133). Dagny arrives (pp. 133). Francisco arrives (pp. 137), discusses Akston w Pritchett (pp. 138), mines with Jim (pp. 138-140), talks with Hank (pp. 141-5). Dagny talks with Hank (pp. 146-147), hears about Ragnar (pp. 147-149), hears tale of Galt and Atlantis (pp. 149-150), talks w. Francisco (pp. 150), hears Liddy’s “music” (pp. 151), takes bracelet from Lillian (pp. 151-153). (12/10/80)

153     I-6-2: Hank and Lillian discuss party; Hank introspects about their relationship (12/10/11)

Chapter 7 – The Exploiters and the Exploited

157     I-7-1: Rio Norte Line construction: Dagny and Ben Nealy (pp. 157-9), Mr. Mowan (pp. 158), Ellis Wyatt (pp. 160), Rearden (pp. 161-166).

166     I-7-2: Dagny refuses to debate Scudder (pp. 166-169); Dagny leaves Jim, stops in diner (pp. 170-172); bum’s John Galt story: “man who found fountain of youth” (pp. 171-172) (1/29/12).

172     I-7-3: Dr. Potter of the State Science Institute (SSI) tries to obtain rights to Rearden Metal; offers Readen “government $$.”

176     I-7-4: Dagny argues w. Mr. Mowan about Rearden Metal (pp. 176), returns to NY; SSI denounces Rearden Metal (pp. 176-178)

178     I-7-5: Dagny confronts Dr. Stadler; Stadler’s 3 pupils (pp. 184-185); the “second assistant book-keeper” (pp. 185).

185     I-7-6: Dagny issues an ultimatum to Jim (pp. 185); The John Galt Line (JGL) is born (pp. 186-189).

189     I-7-7: Dagny asks Francisco for money.

193     I-7-8: Dagny is with Rearden in his office; they discuss JGL financing; Rearden thinks about his feelings for Dagny (pp. 196-197).

197     I-7-9: Rearden deals with wreck on the Atlantic Southern (pp. 197-198); Rearden’s Mom seeks job for Phillip (pp. 198-201); Mr. Ward (pp. 201-204); Equalization of Opportunity (EOO) Bill passes (pp. 203); Rearden introspects, designs new bridge (pp.205-207).

Chapter 8 – The John Galt Line

207     I-8-1: Eddie talks to the worker in the cafeteria.

209     I-8-2: Dagny has a mysterious visitor at The JGL office.

211     I-8-3: Fallout of EOO Bill: Rearden sells ore mines to Larkin (pp. 211-214), coal mines to Dannager (pp. 214), gives extension to Eddie (i.e. TT) on rail payments (pp. 215-217).

217     I-8-4: Sundry public/private denunciations of JGL made (pp. 217-219); Union tries to blackmail Dagny (pp. 220-221); volunteers for the JGL swamp Eddie & Dagny (pp. 221-222) (7/15/12).

222     I-8-5: Dagny & Hank hold a press conference.

225     I-8-6: The opening of the JGL is imminent (7/22/12).

228     I-8-7: The first train runs on the JGL (pp. 228-236);  greeted by Wyatt (pp. 236-239). Hank & Dagny’s romance (7/22/12).

Chapter 9 – The Sacred and the Profane

241     I-9-1: Morning at Ellis Wyatt’s – Hank & Dagny (7/23/12).

244     I-9-2: Jim meets Cherryl Brooks (7/23/12).

255     I-9-3: Hank visits Dagny at her apartment (~7/26/12).

257     I-9-4: Owen Kellog and Mr. Mowan discuss the business exodus to Colorado.

260     I-9-5: Hank visits Dagny at her apartment, they discuss the banquet in Hank’s “honor,” and decide on a vacation (9/02/12).

266     I-9-6: On the road (pp. 266-269); Starnesville (pp. 270-273); Hank and Dagny find the factory and the motor (pp. 273-278).

Chapter 10 – Wyatt’s Torch

278     I-10-1: Hank & Dagny visit the clerk’s office, Hall of Records – Clerk’s Office; searching for the inventor.

280     I-10-2: Hank & Dagny talk with Mayor Bascom of Rome, WI about TCMC (pp. 280-2); Dagny calls Eddie learns about “attack” on Colorado (pp. 283).

283     I-10-3: Dagny returns to NYC, continues search for inventor (pp. 283-4), learns of machinations against Colorado (pp. 284-5), must deal with Jim (pp. 285-6), reflects

on contrast between Jim’s pals and inventor (pp. 286).

286     I-10-4: Hank deals with Larkin (pp. 286-287), seeks ore (pp. 287-288), introspects about business (pp. 288-289), deals with/thinks about Lillian (pp. 289-294).

294     I-10-5: Dagny asks Eugene Lawson about TCMC.

298     I-10-6: Dagny sees Lee Hunsacker about TCMC; learns of Mulligan (pp. 300-302), Narragansett (pp. 302-303).

305     I-10-7: Dagny visits Starnes’ heirs: Eric (Suicide), Gerald, & Ivy.

308     I-10-8: Dagny talks with William Hastings’ widow.

311     I-10-9: Dagny talks with Hugh Akston (pp. 311-316); Akston discusses the “three students” (pp. 315); Mouch’s “Directives” (pp. 316-317); Wyatt’s Torch (pp. 318-319).


Chapter 1 – The Man Who Belonged On Earth

321     II-1-1: SSI – Dr. Stadler & Floyd Ferris discuss the winter’s oil crisis & Ferris’ book: Why Do You Think You Think?; Dagny seeks meeting (May 2013)

330     II-1-2: Hammond retires; Aftermath of Wyatt’s Torch; Stockton retires (pp. 331); The “most prosperous 6 months in Taggart history” (pp. 333); Dagny continues seeking

motor (pp.334-335), meets Stadler (pp. 335-341).

341     II-1-3: Status of Rearden’s business (pp. 341-343); Project X order (pp. 341); Wet Nurse (pp. 342-345); SSI/D.C. Agent confronts Rearden about Project X order (pp.345-347).

347     II-1-4: Dagny reflects on romance, Hank, the ruby; Hank and Dagny discuss the nature of sanction.

Chapter 2 – The Aristocracy of Pull

358     II-2-1: Dagny thinks about: Roger Marsh, Ted Nielsen, Quentin Daniels (pp. 359-360), Cigarette/News stand man cannot identify cigarette (pp. 361) (9/02/13).

361     II-2-2: Rearden meets furtively with Dannager (pp. 361-363); Lillian cajoles Hank to go to Jim’s party (pp. 363-365) (9/02/13).

365     II-2-3: Cherryl Brooks reflects on background of engagement.

370     II-2-4: Wedding party; Jim and Orren discuss Mouch (pp. 372-373); Cherryl confronts Dagny (pp. 374); Lillian talks with Jim (pp. 376-377); Lillian talks with Dagny (pp. 377-380); the goons are interrupted by Francisco (pp. 381-2); Francisco talks with Jim (pp. 382-385); Francisco and Dagny talk (pp. 385-386); Rearden wacthes Francisco (pp. 386); “Money Speech” (pp. 387-391); Rearden talks with Francisco (pp. 392-397); Francisco incites panic over D’Anconia stock (pp. 397-398) (9/02/13).

Chapter 3 – White Blackmail

399     II-3-1: Hank takes Lillian to Taggart Terminal; spends evening with Dagny (9/02/13).

403     II-3-2: Lillian confronts Hank about where he slept (9/03/13).

407     II-3-3: Floyd Ferris confronts Rearden re: Danagger “collusion” (Oct/13).

412     II-3-4: Eddie and the worker talk in the Taggart cafeteria about trial & Dannager.

414     II-3-5: Dagny speaks with Dannager; “The Destroyer” gets Danagger (Late Oct/13).

421     II-3-6: Francisco meets with Rearden; they deal with a liquid iron break out.

Chapter 4 – The Sanction of the Victim

434     II-4-1: Thanksgiving for the Reardens; family discusses trial; Rearden finally puts Phillip in his place (pp. 434-442); Hank goes to NY (p. 442-443); recollects Wet Nurse

(pp. 443-444); meets Dagny, colludes on Rearden metal order (pp. 445-446).

447     II-4-2: The trial.

455     II-4-3: The reaction (pp. 455-456); Hank & Francisco (pp. 456-459), discuss sex & money (pp. 459-464), Hanks purchase of copper (pp. 464-465); Ragnar sinks

copper ships (Dec/13).

Chapter 5 – Account Overdrawn

466     II-5-1: Harsh winter – more economic chaos (pp. 466-469); Ragnar (p. 470); Board meeting, Weatherby et al kill The John Galt Line (pp. 471-480); Francisco meets Dagny

– “John Galt is Prometheus who changed his mind” (pp. 480-486) (2/15/14)

486     II-5-2: Dagny & Hank go to Colorado for close of John Galt Line (3/31/14).

489     II-5-3: Lillian has lunch w Jim; offers to “deliver” Hank (4/03/14).

493     II-5-4: Lillian “catches” Hank and Dagny (4/04/14).

Chapter 6 – Miracle Metal

499     II-6-1: Wesley Mouch, Mr. Thompson (head of state), Jim, Eugene (Gene) Lawson, Floyd Ferris, Fred Kinnian, Clem Wetherby, & Orren Boyle meet; agree on Directive

#10-289 (as written by Gene, Clem, Mouch). Details (pp. 505-506). Concern about “voluntary” patent transfer, Jim promises to “deliver” Rearden (pp. 513-515).

515     II-6-2: Dagny’s morning in the office; Francisco calls (p. 517); Dagny learns of Directive #10-289; Dagny strikes, confiding in Eddie (p. 518-520) (5/01/14).

520     II-6-3: The condition of Rearden Steel (pp. 520-522); Ferris blackmails Rearden to sign “Gift Certificate” (5/15/14).

Chapter 7 – The Moritorium on Brains

531     II-7-1: Eddie talks with the worker in the cafeteria re: Clifton Locey (pp. 532-533), Chick Morrison’s Special (p. 533); Boyle’s factory pirating Rearden Metal blown up by Ragnar (p. 534); Dagny in Berkshires (p. 534).

535     II-7-2: Hank walks home, meets Ragnar Danneskjöld (p.536). Ragnar gives gold bar (p. 537), discusses self, purpose (pp. 540-543). Hank rejects Ragnar’s gold (pp.  544-545),yet saves him from police (pp. 545-547).

547     II-7-3: Kip Chalmers, Lester Tuck (campaign manager), Laura Bradford (mistress), and Gilbert Keith-Worthing (guest) aboard The Comet; rail split (p. 550). Superintendent Dave Mitchum dithers (pp. 552-554). Chalmers demands non-existent train, gets what he asked for as all Taggart folk evade responsibility (pp. 554-565). The passengers are described (pp. 566-568). BOOM! (5/28/14).

Chapter 8 – By Our Love

568     II-8-1: Dagny at cabin; description of her month (pp. 572-573); Francisco arrives; they talk (pp. 573-580); News of tunnel disaster (pp. 580-581); Dagny returns to NY (5/28/14).

582     II-8-2: Jim introspects (pp. 582-584); Jim confronts Eddie (pp. 584-585); Dagny arrives, Dagny directs Eddie (pp. 586-589); Dagny deals with calls from Mouch, Wetherby (pp. 589-590), talks with Hank (pp. 590-591) (5/28/14).

Chapter 9 – The Face Without Pain Or Fear Or Guilt

591     II-9-1: Dagny’s apartment- the sinking city (pp. 591-592); Francisco arrives, talks with Dagny (pp. 592-595); Hank arrives, confronts Francisco (pp. 595-599); Quentin’s letter (p. 602); Dagny phones Quentin, then Rearden, leaves for Utah (p. 603-604) (5/28/14).

605     II-9-2: Dagny packs, gives instructions to Eddie; Eddie talks with the worker, confides in him about Hank and Dagny (p. 608-610) (5/28/14).

Chapter 10 – The Sign of the Dollar

610     II-10-1: Dagny travels through the desolation on the Comet (pp. 610-612); Tramp (Jeff Allen) (pp. 612-615) tells Dagny the story of the 20th Century Motor Co. (pp. 615-627) (5/30/14).

627     II-10-2: Comet stops; Dagny finds Owen Kellog (p. 629); Dagny puts Jeff Allen in charge (p. 632), leaves with Kellog in search of track phone (pp. 632-637). Discuss sign of the dollar (pp. 637-638). They find phone, airfield (pp. 639-642). Dagny commandeers plane (pp. 642-643), flies to Utah, sees plane leaving with Daniels (p. 646); becomes a gate crasher (5/31/14).


Chapter 1 – Atlantis

652     III-1-1: Dagny awakens to see John Galt. Introduction to ray screen, geography of Galt’s Gulch (pp. 654-656). Dagny meets Mulligan & Akston (p. 657), Wyatt (p. 659), Hendricks (p. 661-662). Daniels bursts in, talks with Dagny (pp. 664-665). Dagny talks with Dwight Sanders about the plane (pp. 666-668). Galt’s linemen (pp. 668-669). Ayn’s cameo (p. 669). Wyatt Oil and the brakeman, Wyatt discusses wealth (pp. 669-672). Tour of the valley continues: Ted Nielsen, Roger Marsh (p. 672), Andrew Stockton (pp. 672-673), Ken Dannager (pp. 674-675), Kay Ludlow (p. 676), the D’Anconia estate (pp. 677-678), the powerhouse (pp. 678-681). (5/31/14)

682     III-1-2: Dagny awakens at sundown; Galt takes her to Mulligan’s house; Dagny meets Ellis Wyatt, Ken Danagger, Hugh Akston, Dr. Hendricks, Quentin Daniels, Richard Halley, and Judge Narragansett. Halley, Hendricks, Narragansett, Mulligan, Akston, discuss their exile (pp. 685-686). John Galt explains the strike (pp. 686-689). Each gives their reasons: Akston (pp. 689-690), Mulligan (p. 690), Naragansett (p. 691), Halley (pp. 691-692), Hendricks, Wyatt, Danagger (p. 692), Daniels, and Galt (p. 693). The history of Galt’s Gulch (pp. 694-695). Galt’s house: the “anteroom/torture chamber” (pp. 697-699). (5/31/14).

Chapter 2 – The Utopia of Greed

699     III-2-1: Morning in Galt’s house. Ragnar arrives (pp. 700-703), explains policy (p. 704), leaves to meet wife (Ludlow) (pp. 705-706). Dagny contracts to be Galt’s servant (pp. 706-707) (6/01/14).

707     III-2-2: Kellog arrives and updates Dagny (pp. 707-709) (6/02/14). Francisco arrives (p. 710), explains all (pp. 711-713), wants to contact Hank, but Galt refuses (p. 715) (6/03/14).

715     III-2-3: Dagny & Galt are dinner guests at Francisco’s house. Francisco discusses plans (p. 715-718). Galt discusses lectures and work (pp. 719-720). Dagny introspects about Galt (pp. 720-721). Galt discusses his seeing Dagny outside, desire for her to accept Galt’s Gulch (pp. 722-727).

727     III-2-4: Halley plays for Dagny, explains how art is a trade (pp. 727-729). Kay Ludlow explains why she quit (p. 729). Dagny talks with the mother (p. 730). Akston’s reunion with his three pupils; discuss college days and Stadler (pp. 730-736).

745     III-2-5: Dagny decides to leave (6/28/14).

756     III-2-6: Galt drops Dagny off outside (6/29/14).

Chapter 3 – Anti-Greed

758     III-3-1: Stadler argues with Ferris (pp. 758-759), introspects (pp. 760-761), and answers press questions with platitudes (pp. 761-762). Project X revealed and demonstrated (pp. 763-766). Ferris works on Stadler (pp. 766-771) and Stadler goes along (p. 772) (6/29/14).

772     III-3-2: Dagny’s return to New Yok (pp. 772-774). She calls Hank (pp. 774-776). Dagny returns to her office (p. 776), meets Cuffy Meigs (p. 777), and learns about the “Railroad Unification Plan” (pp. 777-783). Jim tries and fails to get her onto the Bertram Scudder Show (pp. 784-786). Lillian Blackmails Dagny (pp. 787-789) (6/29/14).

790     III-3-3: On the Scudder Show: Dagny reveals her affair and the blackmail (pp. 791-793). Hank meets her in her apartment; they discuss their fight against the looters (pp. 794-802) (6/29/14)

Chapter 4 – Anti-Life

802     III-4-1: Jim recalls meeting with Señor Gonzales to arrange nationalization of D’Anconia Copper (pp. 803-804); Jim talks with Cherryl, brags about “achievement” (i.e. destructiveness) (pp. 805-822); Cherryl recalls details of marriage (pp. 812-820) (8/05/14).

822     III-4-2: Cherryl leaves, goes to see Dagny; They talk (pp. 823-828) (8/05/14).

828     III-4-3: Jim and Lillian talk, commit adultery (8/05/14).

836     III-4-4: Cherryl confronts Jim (pp. 836-839); Cherryl’s suicide (pp. 839-843) (8/05/14).

Chapter 5 – Their Brothers’ Keepers

843     III-5-1: Copper stolen in California; Dagny deals with railroad situation and with Jim’s evasion and Cuffy Meigs (pp. 844-852); Nationalization & destruction of D’Anconia Copper (pp. 852-854); Hank and Dagny meet & talk about economy, Francisco (pp. 855-859) (9/02/14).

859     III-5-2: Dagny copes with more trouble; Washington planners try to placate Rearden (pp. 859-860); Phillip seeks employment (pp. 860-865); Hank’s divorce trial, attorney asks if something is up (pp. 865-867); Wet Nurse warns Hank something is up (pp. 867-869) (9/07/14).

869     III-5-3: Minnesota harvest (p. 869) (9/11/83); Ma Chalmer’s soybean project (p. 870); Cuffy Meigs (p. 871); Disaster in Minnesota (pp. 872-875) (9/14/14).

875     III-5-4: Taggart Terminal switch system fails; Dagny present as looters discuss sacrifice of Minnesota (pp. 876-880); Dagny rushes to terminal, improvises lantern scheme (pp. 880-886); Dagny follows John Galt into tunnel (pp. 886-887), sex (pp. 887-888). Galt and Dagny talk (pp. 888-893) (10/15/14).

Chapter 6 – The Concerto of Deliverance

893     III-6-1: Rearden’s Union Problems; Rearden Summoned to D.C. (pp. 895-896) (10/20-11/01/83); Family beseeches Rearden (pp. 897-906); Rearden meets with Mouch, Lawson, Ferris, Jim, Holloway, discuss “Steel Unification Plan” (pp. 906-916); Rearden returns to mills (pp. 916-917); Violence, death of Tony “Wet Nurse” (pp. 919-923);  Rearden meets Frank Adams (p. 926) (11/04/14).

Chapter 7 – “This is John Galt Speaking”

927     III-7-1: Dagny learns Hank’s gone (11/05/14). Mr. Thompson to speak (11/22/14); Galt’s Speech (pp. 936-993).

Chapter 8 – The Egoist

993     III-8-1: The Gang (Thompson; Holloway; Morrison; Mouch; Mowen; Pritchett; Ferris; Kinnian; Stadler; Lawson) decide to “deal” w Galt; Stadler suggests following Dagny  (p. 998) (11/22/14).

999     III-8-2: Eddie & Dagny leave; discuss Galt (11/22/14).

1001   III-8-3: Negotiations sought as chaos increases (11/23/14). Rearden Steel closes (pp. 1005-1006) (1/22/15). Thompson threatens Dagny and Galt (Feb/15).

1008   III-8-4: Dagny betrays Galt.

1018   III-8-5: Thompson tries to negotiate with Galt; Galt held prisoner in Wayne-Falkland Hotel.

1026   III-8-6: The Gang discusses Galt (pp. 1026-1029); Dagny summoned by Thompson (pp. 1029-1031); Gang deals with Galt; Galt requests Stadler (p. 1035); Stadler summoned; His meeting with Galt (p. 1037-1039).

1039   III-8-7: Galt’s “Press Conference;” “Get the hell out of my way!”

Chapter 9 – The Generator

1045   III-9-1: Stadler confronts Meigs; Project X kills Stadler & Meigs and destroys Taggart Bridge (p. 1051).

1051   III-9-2: Looters decide on Torture; Dagny Calls Francisco; Leaves NY

1057   III-9-3: Galt tortured at “Project F” – SSI; Generator breaks (p. 1061), Galt tells them how to fix it (p. 1062); Jim ceases being able to evade his own evil (pp. 1063-1064).

Chapter 10 – In The Name of The Best Within Us

1064   III-10-1: Galt rescued; The lights of New York go out (p. 1075).

1076   III-10-2: Eddie & The Comet marooned.

1083   III-10-3: In Galt’s Gulch; THE END (pp. 1084).

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