Read The Brave and the Bold

Where we go one, we go all!
When the Civic Circle tries to embroil the U.S. in a senseless war, Pete must leverage his summer intern position to infiltrate their Social Justice Leadership Forum on Jekyll Island, and disrupt their plans. The danger – and the opportunity – are far greater than he imagines. The sinister power behind the Cabal – a power that aims to reshape society, destroy our civilization, and cast humanity into bondage – tolerates no rivals. Deep within the conspiracy’s stronghold Pete discovers not only the secrets by which they retain their power, but also a crucial vulnerability that could cripple the Cabal with one decisive blow.

With his plans in jeopardy and his life at risk, Pete must forge an unlikely alliance of rivals, turn The Civic Circle against itself, expose their secrets, and end their threat once and for all. The ultimate struggle for the ultimate stakes hinges on one simple question:

Will fortune favor the brave and the bold?

Readers React:

“This is the third book in a series and it’s the best yet! A perfect blend of science and imagination, fact and fiction, plot and character.” Craig Franklin

 “The Brave and the Bold is packed with action, adventure, science and engineering and tough moral choices and life decisions, all laid out in a natural progression that smoothly takes us through a series of most extraordinary events. Our hero, Peter Burdell, is a now more a grown man than a youth transitioning to adulthood. In this third volume he operates more independently, much of the time without his friend/sidekick Amit, his mentors or his Uncle Rob to advise him. Deep in the enemy camp, he must negotiate with ambiguous allies and make big decisions on his own. The maturing of his character is deftly and subtly handled, and is one of the delights of the book.” Robert Pearson

“It’s tour de force and a stunning and gripping read. I loved this series.” John J. Giorgis

“Science, history, and villainous social engineering are cleverly entwined. Pete dangerously continues delving into the Civic Circle’s machinations and thwarting its operations, intending to destroy the organization that murdered his parents. But the Circle’s power and influence is growing, and its resources are greater than Pete and his confederates know.” Jack Gardner

“This series keeps getting better. The philosophical, political, and technological themes resonate strongly with current events. The protagonists are getting more mature and more competent with every book. Very much looking forward to the next novel!” Alan J. Anderson

“This is a remarkably original project – a seamless blend of hard science, engineering, computer security, conspiracy theory, manosphere theorizing, libertarian thought, and dissident right social commentary, all told through the medium of a coming-of-age adventure story hybridized with a spy thriller. Such a work could easily have ended up as a mere pastiche, but the author manages to pull it off, in no small part due to his drawing upon a feast of fascinating historical facts and coincidences.” John Carter