New Arrivals – Black Friday/Cyber Monday Based Book Sale

These are some of the titles new to the Based Book Sale or that haven’t appeared in recent sales. Authors include science fiction grandmasters, established mainstream authors and emerging indie talent.

The contributors include Tony Andarian, J.M. Anjewierden, D.S. Blake, Graham Bradley, Henry Brown, R.J. Burle, C.J. Carella, J.D. Cowan, C.M. Craig, Richard Davis, Mel Dunay, Jeff Dunteman, Declan Finn, Milo James Fowler, Julie Frost, Karl K. Gallagher, Mark Goldblatt, Josh Griffing, M. Anthony Harris, Seth Hobbs, Rob Howell, Michael F. Kane, Joseph Kellogg, Chris Kennedy, L.S. King, Robert Kroese, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Frank B. Luke, TJ Marquis, Russell May, Christopher Menkhaus, Diana Murray, Ron Nielsen, M.A. Nilles, Melanie Nilles, John M. Olsen, Chance Paladin, S.Kirk Pierzchala, George Phillies, Thomas Plutarch, Francis Porretto, James Pyles, Alexander Robb, David Rowlett, Denton Salle, Steve Stark, K Steele, Kevin Steverson, James R. Strickland, Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, S.C. Vincent, Allison Wade, Matt Waterhouse, Thomas J. Weiss, David J. West, Ryan Williamson, Marisa Wolf, John C. Wright, and Page Zaplendam.

And every title is either free or $0.99! Note: prices are set by the authors, so please confirm before you buy. And some of the offerings are short stories or novellas instead of full-length novels. A few titles won’t be on sale until Thursday November 23. With 80 titles from 58 authors, there’s sure to be something for every based reader.

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Book of Feasts and Seasons
by John C. Wright

The Book of Feasts & Seasons is a beautifully mind-bending stroll with a grandmaster of science fiction through the annual Catholic calendar. Over the course of the year, from January to December, the author takes his inspiration from 10 different holidays and explores their meanings in a series of stories of marvelous imagination. The book begins with New Year’s Day and “The Meaning of Life as Told Me by an Inebriated Science Fiction Writer in New Jersey”.

The Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin is represented by “A Random World of Delta Capricorni Aa, Called Scheddi”, while “The Parliament of Beasts and Birds” is the story for the Feast of Pentecost. The calendar and the anthology culminate on Christmas Eve with “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus”.

John C. Wright is not only a deeply religious man, he is also a devout Catholic philosopher who regards reason as an intrinsic aspect of his faith. The Book of Feasts & Seasons is an imaginative embodiment of that faith, taking many different shapes and forms throughout the vast expanse of God’s creation.

Grab it now!

Guardians of the Twilight Lands: The Sixth Book of Unexpected Enlightenment
(Books of Unexpected Enlightenment 6)

Guardians of the Twilight Lands: The Sixth Book of Unexpected Enlightenment (Books of Unexpected Enlightenment 6)

by L Jagi Lamplighter (Author), John C. Wright (Illustrator), James Frenkel (Editor)

An old enemy returns!

With the Heer of Dunderberg dead, Rachel Griffin is determined to save her beloved Roanoke Academy before time runs out, but to do this, a new covenant must be forged with the island’s fairies. On top of this, an old enemy has escaped and might reappear any moment

Rachel has learned not to wish on stars, but what should she do when she yearns for help? She is troubled by other questions, too: Where do the dead go? What became of her beloved late grandfather? Most annoying of all, with such a wonderful boyfriend, how can she be in love with two boys?

As her fourteenth birthday approaches, the answer to these questions awaits her, along with wonders such as she has never seen.

But there are terrible things ahead, too.

Codex Babylon: A secret history sci-fi adventure (The Cross-Time Crusade Book 1) 
by Robert Kroese

The first book of The Cross-Time Crusade, the Kickstarter sensation that raised over $27,000!Codex Babylon: A secret history sci-fi adventure (The Cross-Time Crusade Book 1)

A secret cabal of demonic forces threatens to destroy civilization and plunge the world into a new Dark Age. Humanity’s only chance is a shadowy organization called GRAIL–the modern day heirs to the Knights Templar–which has discovered the secret to time travel. The past cannot be changed, but if GRAIL can send an agent into the past to recover a lost book on demonology called the Codex Babylon, they may have a fighting chance to save humanity from utter destruction.

Spanning 900 years and four continents, The Cross-Time Crusade is an epic saga of the eternal struggle against evil!

“This is a compelling page-turner which also makes you think about how time travel might work and motivates you to learn more about the enigmatic Templars.” – John Walker, founder of Autodesk

“…a whirlwind tale that jumps between the Middle Ages and 2023, with elements that reminded me of Connie Willis’ time travel sagas, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.” – Amazon reviewer

“Robert Kroese is one of the few writers still pursuing truly new ideas in science fiction. In this series, he looks at demonic influence in a new way… [T]he meat of the book is the desperate search for the Codex Babylon, an ancient tome with the secrets to fighting the demons and reclaiming our world. you find yourself rooting for all the characters both past and present, and reeling with the many surprising twists.” – Amazon reviewer

“Fans of Kroese’s Iron Dragon series will recall his combination of scrupulously researched historical detail, compelling characters, and gripping action – features on display again here.” – Hans Schantz, author of The Hidden Truth

Escaping Fate (Paradox Book 1) 
by Henry Brown

Pete Bedauern began his life as a latchkey kid in a run-down trailer park with a single mom, living on stale hot dog buns and bleak prospects. Those were the cards Fate had dealt him, and Pete was on his way to becoming an angry young man. Then Pete’s estranged uncle burst on the scene to punch Fate in the mouth.

Uncle Si is scarred inside and out; he’s a hard drinker; painfully blunt; a little mysterious and maybe even scary, but takes an interest in his nephew that Pete’s father never took. Most of Uncle Si’s life is a secret, but through the part of it he shares, Pete undergoes a master course on life, love, and full-contact sports.

As it turns out, Uncle Si not only has tons of money, multiple businesses, and a fleet of fast cars, he also owns a time machine.

Paradox is one good-hearted-but-alienated boy’s odyssey into manhood, and Escaping Fate is the opening leg of that journey. Before it’s complete, Pete will learn the guarded secrets of history, take on a pan-continuum conspiracy, contend for a world championship, crack the code for success with women…and even save the world.

Well, one world, maybe…


Homecoming In Black (The Black Chronicles Book 6)

Homecoming In Black (The Black Chronicles Book 6)
by J. M. Anjewierden

Home. For most the word evokes feelings of safety, but for Morgan it is a reminder of what she’s suffered and lost.

Her chance to change that has finally come, to end the war raging between her homeworld and her adopted home.

All she need do is smuggle a dozen Marines onto one of the securest space stations in the galaxy, penetrate to its core, and capture the man responsible for everything, right from under the fanatics who revere him.

Easy, right?

NOTE! Books 1-5 in The Black Chronicles are “Fan Favorites:”

Drumlin Circus / On Gossamer Wings *TWO Titles in One!*Drumlin Circus / On Gossamer Wings
by Jeff Duntemann (Author), James R. Strickland (Author)

A starship malfunctions and strands its 800 passengers on a planet eerily like the Pleistocene Earth, complete with prehistoric mammals including woolly mammoths, dire wolves, and smilodons. And something else: tens of thousands of abandoned alien machines consisting of a bowl and two pillars that respond with drum-like sounds when touched. Tap 256 times on the pillars in any combination, and…something…coalesces in the bowl. It might be a spoon or an axe or a twisted lump of silvery metal. These artifacts (dubbed “drumlins”) help the unwilling colonists survive, but there’s something a little weird about what comes out of the “thingmaker” machines. High-pitched sounds sometimes make drumlins twitch and combine into more complex things. Stranger still, what drumlins do seems to depend on the thoughts of nearby humans. Wish hard while you whistle just so…and something amazing may happen.

260 years on, the castaways have created a civilization resembling late 19th Century America, based in part on coal, steam, iron, and hard work–and in part on the mysterious drumlin artifacts. Both short novels in this volume are set against this background.

Drumlin Circus: Every spring, Bramble Ceglarek takes Pretty Alice’s Wonderland Circus down the dirt roads of the west country, dazzling townfolk with clowns, acrobats, calliope music, and trained animals — especially trained animals. His wife Julia trains them with a drumlin whistle, and they obey with peculiar precision. The cultlike Bitspace Institute, hoping to train animal assassins, sends agent Simon Kassel to steal the whistle. Unknown to him, Kassel has been set up to fail by his Institute rivals who want to be rid of him, and after Julia and her apprentice Rosa are abducted by Institute thugs who attempt to kill him, Kassel switches loyalties and joins the circus as a very scary clown.

He returns to Institute HQ to rescue Julia and Rosa, only to discover that the training whistle is much more than merely a whistle: a mysterious “function controller” that compels animals, human beings, and even the alien drumlin artifacts themselves to obey its bearer.

On Gossamer Wings: From out in the dry rye fields of the west, rumors have come to the Bitspace Institute that someone has drummed up something valuable from the alien thingmakers: a large sphere of pure iron. Institute agent Hiram König rides out to investigate, and discovers the strange, mute young woman who has done the drumming. He also learns that the Big Ball of Iron is just the beginning of the previously unknown drumlins that she has discovered in the vast “bitspace” of the alien thingmakers. Despite the slow progress of technology in the Valinor colony, where steam locomotives and the first primitive hydrogen airships are state of the art, Natalie Bishop is using her talents with the thingmakers to seek out the drumlin parts she needs to build a heavier-than-air flying machine. For her, the flier is her masterpiece, the work that will prove her worth to the people she cares about.Cold Hands and Other Stories

The race is on for König to extract Natalie from the pressure-cooker of a small town that is her home, before it blows up around her and before she takes the dazzlingly risky final step and tries to fly.

Cold Hands and Other Stories
by Jeff Duntemann

Veteran computer author Jeff Duntemann’s second collection of short fiction runs the gamut from spaceflight to mathematically rigorous witchcraft. The volume includes “Cold Hands,” (nominated for the Hugo Award) “Our Lady of the Endless Sky,” “Inevitability Sphere,” “Whale Meat,” “Born Again, With Water,” “Drumlin Boiler,” “Drumlin Wheel,” and “Roddie,” plus a new excerpt from his hard SF nanotech adventure novel, The Cunning Blood.


Ten Gentle Opportunities

Ten Gentle Opportunities 
by Jeff Duntemann (Author), Blake Henriksen (Illustrator)

Having been caught cheating a powerful magician out of ten nuggets of pure uncommitted magic in a rigged card game, Bartholomew Stypek needs a place to hide. As a spellbender he is at best a partial magician, who can read and change magic spells, but, absent a stash of magical force, cannot cast his own. With his anarchic familiar spirit Pickles and the ill-won kitty of magical Opportunities, Stypek throws himself on the mercy of the all-powerful Continuum and leaps blindly across universes, hoping to be dropped someplace far away, boring, and utterly without magic. As the Continuum chuckles in the background, Stypek lands in the break room of a small-town advertising agency in Upstate New York.

Fear the Four Towers: Hero’s Metal: Book III (Hero’s Metal – Dark Fantasy Adventure 3) 
by TJ Marquis Fear the Four Towers: Hero's Metal: Book III (Hero's Metal - Dark Fantasy Adventure 3)

The Four Towers called, and Gorgonbane has answered.

With the murderous falselight repelled for now, and the devastating ultra-buipolad reduced to cinders by the Sun, it falls to our mighty heroes to brave the ancient accursed Towers.

What are they for? Who, or what, built them? Can whatever magics they hold contain the seemingly endless flood of corruption that is the falselight mass?

Agrathor, Pierce, Scythia, and their teams must find a way into the Towers, and beat the ever-ambitious Ess, and the coldly calculating Asel, to the invaluable secrets within, all while Axebourne pledges to hold the line.

But all is not as it seems within the Towers, as space, time, and even the purpose of the world are ripped away from apparent realities…

Note! Books 1 & 2 in the series:

Are in the Fan Favorites section. Buy them all!

A Lake Most Deep: The Edwardsaga (Firehall Sagas Book 1) A Lake Most Deep: The Edwardsaga (Firehall Sagas Book 1)
by Rob Howell (Author)

“Rob mixes intrigue, murder, and magic into his own cool blend.” – Larry Correia

Edward sought a future of honor and hope, but only got murder and mayhem.

He came to the Empire of Makhaira to join the Imperial Guard, who admit only the best. Instead, he pledges his sword—and his life—to an innkeeper rather than the emperor.

In a land known for intricate plots and ancestral enmities, the empire’s corruption seeks to end his life with knives in the night and hidden treachery. And he must face these blades while memories of a father slain, a king defied, and oaths broken threaten his soul.

Can he find the one bringing schism, death, and hate before that steel tastes his blood? Or will be just another who came to the empire to lose everything?

Mister Friday
by Graham BradleyMister Friday

In a near future, Black Friday is enshrined as an official economic holiday.

The violence and competition that have come to characterize the start of the Christmas shopping season are now encouraged and regulated by the US Government.

Jonathan Rigel Jr. quickly climbed the charts and became the greatest Friday Fighter of all time.

When he finally decides that he’s out for good, he learns the hard way that you can’t just turn down a good deal…

About the Author:

Graham took up creative writing in the 3rd grade and has pursued it ever since. Alongside his childhood hobby of drawing on any blank sheet of paper he could find, this talent blossomed into his eventual career goal, and his is now an author-illustrator.

Diving headfirst into just about any speculative genre, Graham prefers sci-fi and fantasy, with a focus on machinery and technology. Colorful worlds and aesthetics are a must, and above all, he wants readers to have fun.

Originally from Nevada, Graham lives in the mountain west with his wife and kids.

Armageddon Girl
by C.J. Carella

“Superheroes with style and wit.”
– S.M. Stirling, best-selling author of the Change Series.

(WARNING: Contains violence, adult content and strong language.)

A world of larger-than-life heroes and villains with all too human failings. An action-packed tale, combining thrills with humor and more than a few pop culture references and nods to geek culture. This is the first tome of the New Olympus Saga.

College student Christine Dark wasn’t happy. Her social life sucked, she spent too much of her time playing computer games or reading sci-fi novels (and the occasional paranormal romance) and she felt like she was missing out on everything.

Fate had something special in store for her, though.

Without warning, an unknown force drags Christine out of her world and takes her to a whole new universe, an alternate Earth where superhuman beings have existed since the end of World War One, a world filled with strange and dangerous characters.

Christine soon learns she too is more than human, and that her choices may save her new home… or bring about its destruction.

REVISED EDITION: The original novel has been updated and revised, with some typo corrections and edition changes.

Decisively Engaged (Warp Marine Corps Book 1)
by C.J. Carella

(WARNING: Contains violence, strong language and adult content)

They picked a fight with the wrong species.

A NATION AT WAR: The United Stars of America. Born in the conflagration of unprovoked alien attack, the newest entrant to galactic politics took the few crumbs of hypertech gifted to it and ran with them, soon expanding over dozens of star systems and establishing a wide trade network, protected by its powerful Navy and the dreaded Warp Marines.

A FIGHT TO THE DEATH: A single Marine platoon, tasked with protecting an embassy on a hostile alien planet. An embassy – and the human enclave around it – that soon finds itself surrounded by armed mobs. Can the Marines and a ragtag band of civilian and Navy personnel survive long enough to be rescued?

Flower of Light: The Eternal Stones 1 
Flower of Light: The Eternal Stones 1by Allison Wade

“At the dawn of the tenth spring,
what was shattered will return whole.”

For centuries, the Flower of Light has kept the balance of the Bluand Empire. Each generation, new Wardens are chosen to protect the sacred stones and master their incredible powers.
But not everyone can bear the weight of destiny in the same way, and it’s easy to stray from the path of Light.
Ten years ago, the circle was broken and the true power remained hidden. But now, the time has come for a new balance. The time has come for the fated Wardens to awaken and set things right.
Fire and Water, Earth and Sky. Equals and opposites.
Eight are chosen by the Constellations, from all corners of the Empire. Destined to cross their paths and rediscover what was lost, facing the darkness that looms over the World of Light.

Flower of Light” is the first book in the Eternal Stones series, a story of magic and adventure, ominous prophecies and unwavering hope.

Against Three Lands (Thousand Isles Book 1) Against Three Lands (Thousand Isles Book 1)
by George Phillies (Author), Morineko- zion (Illustrator), Christopher Nuttall (Preface)

.”…George Phillies is good at creating new and different universes. Mistress of the Waves features a world that is, in many ways, a work of art…The One World features a female-dominated society that seems plausible…In truth, George deserves to be known far better than he is…” … Chris Nuttall

Clan MacDonald is surrounded by enemies. Clan Gunn wants its lands. Mysterious pirates assail its shores. The All-Conquering Generalissimo suspects it of treason. Foreign trade is interrupted by barbarian invasions.

Angus Valentine Macdonald, seventh child of the One MacDonald, must travel to remote Mercia to defeat the treachery of the Lunarian Empire, the corruption of the Langwadooran invaders, and the rapacious greed of the alien Trell to protect his homeland and win the hand of his lady-love.

Mistress of the Waves
by George Phillies

Orphaned Amanda Kirasdotr is a sailor on the lost planet Goddard. When she rescues a visiting starfarer from drowning, her reward is a trip into orbit. Now she wants to go there again, not easy when the hottest ship on Goddard has three masts and a full set of sails.

The shadowy Brotherhood of the Bell realizes that Amanda wants to bring that most dreaded of all menaces, change, to Goddard. They’ll do absolutely anything to stop her.

Amanda begins with her wits, her determination, and her dory Northstar. She’s up against typhoons, pirates, assassins, financial bubbles, starfarer ultratech, and the mythical giant ship-eating squid. Can she beat them all to find the path to her dream?

Well Regulated Militia Kindle Edition
by K Steele

Julie Collins wonders why there isn’t an amendment in the Bill of Rights for the right just to be left alone.

Eighteen should be one of the best years of her life, a time of optimism for the future.

Instead, as she looks to the dawn of adulthood all she sees is pessimism around herself with little hope for improvement in the conditions slowly crushing her family.

But her grandfathers instilled her with longing for liberty, one by his death and the other by his life of struggle against tyranny, and this yearning within her for freedom refuses to capitulate to greedy despots.

“We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor,” ended The Declaration of Independence.

Inspired by these words of Thomas Jefferson, the words of John Locke, the Magna Carta, Aristotle and Cicero, Julie educates herself to the cause of liberty.

More than just hollow words to her, with the shadow of oppression hanging over them she decides it is time to take a stand for justice; it is time for her to join the militia.

The Spear of Destiny (Zarahemla Two Crows Book 2)
by Ryan Williamson (Author)The Spear of Destiny (Zarahemla Two Crows Book 2)

Zarahemla Two Crows is in the saddle again, and the warrior nun Magdalena has been dispatched from the Vatican to ride with him! Together they must race against time to find and secure the fabled Spear of Destiny before an evil power can unleash a plague of terror on the world.

Join Zarahemla, Magdalena, and a cast of brand new characters in this exciting novella-length sequel to The Widow’s Son.

About the Author

Ryan Williamson is the author of many short stories, the novel “The Widow’s Son,” and its sequel novella “The Spear of Destiny,” which have garnered him a dedicated following.

A unique sense of authenticity and realism marks Ryan’s writing, drawn in part from his experiences serving as a Cavalry Scout in the US Army.

When he’s not writing, Ryan indulges his love for adventure by exploring the backroads of the Pacific Northwest on his motorcycles.

His passion for storytelling and adventure is evident in all his work and continues to inspire readers around the world.

The first book from his military fantasy series “Doomsday Recon,” co-authored with Jason Anspach, is set to release in early 2024 from WarGate Books.

Note! Book 1 in the series, The Widow’s Son, is a Fan Favorite.


The Dungeon Runner’s Echoes: The Runners’ Echoes Part 1 
by C. M. Craig (Author)

When Evan starts playing Dungeon Runners, he isn’t expecting to find real people trapped in this game.

But that’s what he finds.

Tore, a young storm giant, has just been rejected by his master and is dying.

Will Evan be able to save him?

And even if he does, will the young runner then be able to find a way to save the giant’s brothers from a corrupted giantess who has enslaved them?

And what about his plans of becoming a professional video game player? Evan is not sure he signed up for all of this when he started his ‘game’.

After Moses
by Michael F. Kane (Author)

His gruff exterior hides a man who wants to do the right thing. But running from trouble won’t work when the planets need a hero.

Arizona Colony, Mars. Matthew Cole doesn’t want anyone else aboard his ship. But the notorious solo freelancer is persuaded against his better judgment to guard a dangerous prison transport along with an exo-suit-clad former rival. Outmaneuvered when the crook’s cronies spring the inmate with heavy firepower, the poncho-wearing captain vows to scour the solar system to restore his rep and claim his paycheck

Reluctantly banding together with his seven-foot partner in her powered armor, Matthew has his hands full leading an unwanted ragtag crew. But the headache of dealing with people again is nothing next to the prickling between his shoulders as he continues to run afoul of greedy politicians and criminal syndicates.

Is this space cowboy’s moral compass sending him to a fatal crash landing?

Wild Souls: A Werewolf Collection
by Julie Frost

Julie Frost is best known for her Pack Dynamics series.

However, in this collection, she explores other aspects of lycanthropy, with stories running a gamut of timelines from the ancient Celts to American weird west to modern day—and even into the outer reaches of space.

Ranging between humor and horror, with a cast of characters varying from witches to hunters to soldiers to angels and demons, there’s something here for everyone.

Stories of families lost and found, new packs and old, love and loathing and loneliness…

And, above all, what makes us human, and who the real monsters are.

Life Support: A House Divided
by Joseph KelloggLife Support: A House Divided

Waylaid by space pirates, medical missionary Father Tanner is offered a deal: cure the pirate captain of his recent strange illness, or be left for dead.

But when the priest examines his patient, he fears the strange psychosis may be no mere sickness.

Tanner prepares to grapple with the Devil himself, as the squid-like alien shows all the signs of demonic possession.

As Tanner and the rest of his crew struggle to find the source of this mystery malady, his own captain, smuggler Damien Rogers, isn’t content to wager his freedom on an exorcism he doesn’t believe in.

He decides to pursue his escape the old-fashioned way: fomenting a mutiny among the pirate crew.

But the planet they take refuge on turns out to have more sinister dangers than just pirates.

Friends are lost, allies are gained, and the truth is revealed in this action-packed sequel to Life Support: Secret Operations!

Neighbors (Public Domain Agents Book 1)
by Christopher Menkhaus

For a girl obsessed with the past…

And a boy with no future…

There’s no time like the present…

No time at all!

Heather Worth is about to take the biggest step of her life. She is moving across the country for an art scholarship at a prestigious university. For Heather, everything is about to change.

But, Heather has a secret motivation for her move. She recognizes one of the students in the background of one of the photographs in the university brochure.

She’s sure it’s him. It’s been over a decade since she’s seen him, but she would know him anywhere. After all, he was her first crush…and it’s impossible to forget someone who looks like they have lights under their skin.

Heather has finally found Chase Russet. This time, nothing is going to keep them apart. Not even Chase’s neighbors, who are harboring a dangerous secret.

Chase Russet takes the same steps every day. No matter how many times Chase’s family moves, they still live in the same house, with the same neighbors. For Chase, nothing ever changes.

Until the accident…

Buy Neighbors today! Every story out there is made up of fictional facts, but only this book contains factional fictions.

AGROTHARN the Interstellar Semi-Barbarian!
(Chronicles of AGROTHARN Book 1) 
by Milo James Fowler

“I will bring your demise!”

Long ago, before the days of recorded history, during the Hyperbolean Age of a much younger Earth, AGROTHARN the Interstellar Semi-Barbarian roamed the ancient volcanic lands in search of fame and fortune. These are his somewhat heroic tales, sure to enthrall the most adventurous of readers!

When AGROTHARN learns that his long-lost witch-mother is still alive, he sets off on a perilous journey with his loyal triceratops to find her. Along the way, they meet a conniving trickster, a vengeful T-Rex, and a bunch of bloodthirsty aliens from a distant planet. Nonstop adventures take AGROTHARN deep into space and back through time as he unravels new truths about the reality he’s always taken for granted. What he discovers will forever change his life, setting him on a new path to rewrite the past and forge a glorious future for one and all!

Jiao Tu’s Endeavour: Episode 1: The Kidnapped Mousling Kindle Edition Jiao Tu’s Endeavour: Episode 1: The Kidnapped Mousling
by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

On a multigenerational colony ship five hundred years off course, a lagomorph warrior must survive using only his wits and his sword.

Jiao Tu has been hired to rescue a young kidnapped mousling. A tip leads him to the Below, home to the engines that keep the world in motion. His mission has hardly begun when an encounter with a monstrous being plunges him into the midst of a struggle not only for control of the Below but for the world itself.

Teamed with an untested ratling warrior and the ratling leader of a gang of thugs, Jiao Tu must stop the monster and save the mousling—and the world—before it is too late.

Drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as Leigh Brackett’s planetary romances, Gene Wolfe’s Book of the Long Sun, Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane stories, Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D, Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo, and the wuxia tradition starting with Water Margins and Journey to the West, Uitvlugt has created a world all his own that promises a far-future adventure unlike any other.

— “Jiao Tu’s Endeavour is a rarity in the Sword & Planet genre. It’s like nothing that came before it. Drawing from John Carter, Usagi Yojimbo, and Orphans in the Sky, Uitvlugt has created a fantastic tale no fan of pulp adventure should miss.”
— Henry Vogel, author of the Scout series

— “In a world filled with anti heroes, Jiao Tu is a breath of fresh air. His virtues are on display for all to see. The mysteries around him unfold at just the right time. A real page turner.”
— A.M. Able, author of the Uplift Protocol series

— “An adventure of mystique and mystery in an industrial jungle. Every moment drips with intrigue!”
— T.J. Marquis, author of Life City

— “A loving homage to the pulps of old, an intriguing blend of Sword, Sorcery, and Planet. A story where the hero is morally strong, not just skilled and of strong will, is a delight.”
— D.J. Schreffler

This volume contains the complete first story arc compiled from the web serial Jiao Tu’s Endeavour, as well as the bonus stories “The Festival of Sweets” and “The Last Oracle.” Read more about the lagomorph warrior and his adventures at

Solarvoid Solarvoid
by Russell May

For centuries, the worldship Solarvoid has roamed the cosmos.

The might of an entire civilization contained in a colossal craft,
a titanic triumph of science, engineering and culture,
traversing the eternal night of space.

But now, an ancient and monstrous evil stalks the ship.

A sinister cult performs bizarre rituals in the half-forgotten bowels of the Solarvoid.

Intrigue, suspicion and murder haunt even the mightiest of Great Houses.

Crazy Moon
A Short Story by Frank B. Luke

Welcome to Lou’s Bar & Grill where the house special looks like a bargain but will cost more than you think.

Lou and his staff have everything a person could want, and they know the best way to present it to you.

After being stood up, werewolf fanatic Laney McMurphy went to Lou’s to forget her sorrows.

To her surprise, Lou offered her a place in the local pack.

To progress within the pack’s ranks, she’ll have to give in to her wild side.

And most importantly, she’ll have to indulge her wrath.

Each victory means a step up in rank.

What she knows about wolves will help.

What she doesn’t know just might get her killed.

PNW Affliction 3: Combination Plaza PNW Affliction 3: Combination Plaza

by Chance Paladin (Author), Gem Gem (Illustrator)

A relative calm has blessed the land in the six months since the collapse of the Pacific Northwest.

It’s time to leave the safety of the farm with the team though to check up on allies at the Combination Plaza.

Hopefully they are doing okay.

Pacific Northwest Affliction 3: Combination Plaza

PNW Affliction book #3: Combination Plaza

About the author

Chance Paladin lives in the Pacific Northwest between resistance-held city-states. He lives with his wonderful wife of 15 years, likes gardening and taking care of stray cats, and taking care of his rescued potted plants. He’s an amazing business analyst, and heads towards the worst projects while everyone else runs away. He’s seen every type of migraine doctor there is, most of them three times a piece, and finally found some new treatments that worked enough for him to function normal’ish.

Panda Dreams and Other Hallucinations: A Collection of Short Stories by Denton Salle

Do pandas dream? And if so, what do they dream of? That question is asked in this anthology of stories by the award-winning author of Daemonic Mechanical Artifacts and Deep School Tuition. Enter the weird and wonderful worlds of Denton Salle, where a Slavic myth asks for help, an Austin PI is asked to recover a demon-possessed blade, and a Countess recruits help in a Steampunk French Empire.

Ranging from sweet romance to steampunk adventures to urban fantasy, with characters running from heroes to whores to ghouls, Salle’s stories range across genre and from North Texas to South France. Included in this collection are several never-published works, as well as two non-fiction pieces.

Come in and see where too long in quarantine, with too much bourbon, and an overactive imagination can take you.

The Brothers of Redemption: Technium, v. 1
by Diana Murray

The Brothers of Redemption

The Journey You Start Isn’t The One You Finish

It’s 2165 in the Old Calendar, 0093 in the New. The world is a desolate realm of vast zones governed by the mysterious Council Of the Brotherhood Orders. Brothers and Settlers vie for control in what once was the developed world. Insurgencies plague the rest. The past is taboo, erased by the enigmatic “Before.”

Jed and Max Kleer, half-brothers born into elite Brotherhood cohorts, share a mysterious bond that neither understands. They’re washouts living empty lives, adrift in the remnants of New York City. Jed, a disgraced Appraiser, works in the dreary Archives, feeding endless documents from the Before into Janus, the Council’s vast cloud drive. Max, a former combat engineer, lives in perpetual adolescent rage, smoking pellets, trading relics from “the Before” in a squatter colony.

Jed gets a chance at redemption in the Sonoran Desert and Max, in trouble and needing to lie low, joins him there. When Jed wins Hannah Joyner, a settler abducted to be a sex slave, in a card game, their lives take an unexpected turn. They embark on a perilous journey across the continent to guide the lost girl home.

What could possibly go wrong?


The journey they start won’t be the one they finish.

Technium defies the conventions of the dystopian genre by combining romance, humor and lyrical meditations on the America that once was and might one day be. It consists of two volumes, The Brothers Of Redemption and A Daughter Of Her People.

My Life as a Dixie Darling
by Mark GoldblattMy Life as a Dixie Darling

Doreen Martinelli doesn’t understand the power of social media. It’s 2007, so no one really does. But her husband, Bobby, has an internet vision: Why not earn extra money posting pictures of her on an adult website called Dixie Darlings? They don’t have to be nudes, just sexy enough to get viewers to pony up for bonus photos and messaging privileges. Doreen’s not sold on Bobby’s vision. But her mom once worked as a Playboy bunny to make ends meet. How is this different?

Doreen soon becomes the most popular Dixie Darling, and she and Bobby find themselves swimming in cash. They start up a college fund for their daughter. Gradually, though, they get drawn into the weird, wacky, and sometimes seedy world of online dreamers and schemers. Babe, the former #1 Darling, becomes a frenemy. She wants her top spot back… and a lot more than that.

Meanwhile, Doreen is discovering that it’s hard to keep your life private when sexy photos of you are floating around the web, and it’s even harder to keep your husband in line when he’s coasting on your assets. Throw in a charismatic dwarf, misfit friends, and social media’s lust for scandal, and Doreen’s quiet life just took a turn for the complicated.

Gods in Darkness
by David J. West

The Balance of Wonder and Terror

Learn the truth of the secret war in space with both the Soviets and dark technomancers bent on world domination in Gods in Darkness. Thrill to incredible truths buried in the sands of ages or in our own Area 51 in The Dig. Ride along with some crazed truckers dealing with Lovecraftian horrors in At the Highways of Madness. Know the stark terror of reading a forbidden book of the damned when the stars are not right. Love knows no bounds through time and space–especially for one of Lovecraft’s Elder Things in The Queen in Shadow. And finally, go beyond the past and future in The Sleepers of Tartarus. All these and more lurk at the edge of reason waiting to pounce.

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A Hot Dose Of Hell 
by Steve StarkA Hot Dose Of Hell

A deadly new drug has hit the streets of Scarmouth, one which turns users into bloodthirsty maniacs with superhuman tolerance for pain. Through insidious design a large quantity has fallen into the hands of squatters occupying the derelict Victoria hotel.

It’s a bad place for a group of woke, virtue-signalling social media influencers to promote their new homeless charity, but they’ve got a PR story in the making. One of their party is searching for a long-lost sister and if they can find her they believe the stunt could bring them international attention.

They’re not the only ones looking for something. Hired muscle, Fred and Pinkie have been tasked to recover that lost drug shipment. These men know what it’s doing to people. What they don’t know is just how many have been affected already, but within the bowels of that derelict hotel breeds a mindless, homicidal legion.

Scarmouth is known as the coastal town they forgot to burn down. It’ll only take a few hot doses to finally set it alight.

Marrying A Monster (The Jaiya Series Book 1)

Marrying A Monster (The Jaiya Series Book 1) 
by Mel Dunay

New, professionally edited edition! Journey to the country of Jaiya, in a world not quite like ours.

Here, humans ride trains, drive cars, and use cell phones, but they share their world with insect people and trollfolk, and stranger things lurk in the shadows…

As a favor to her parents, Rina agrees to come back to her hometown and take part in an old local custom: a symbolic marriage between the town’s women and the Mountain King, a mythical guardian spirit no one really believes in.

But the Mountain King really exists: a monstrous being that feeds on fear and suffering.

Rina’s only hope for survival may be Vipin, the dashing scholar hunting the Mountain King, but Vipin is hiding a few secrets of his own…

Note: Rina and another character are friends with or related to a few characters from the later books in the Jaiya series, but Monster is meant as a standalone.

Salvage Title (The Salvage Title Trilogy Book 1)
by Kevin Steverson

The Salvage Title journey begins!Salvage Title (The Salvage Title Trilogy Book 1)

They couldn’t afford a ship, much less the cost of registering one. But there is always a loophole…

Harmon Tomeral wanted nothing more than to go to space. Sent to an orphanage when his parents were killed in a sandstorm, the odds were stacked against him. Despite that, he made it to the academy and graduated in the top ten percent of his class…only to find out the fleet did what it wanted, regardless of regulations, and he came from the wrong planet.

He didn’t give up his dream, though, because where there’s a will, there’s a loophole, and Harmon and his friends found their loophole in the Top Fleet Marine competition—the winner would get 100,000 credits, which would just be enough to start their own salvage company. If they could build a mech and win the competition, they would be set.

But the fleet had already shown they didn’t want him in space, so it would be an uphill fight. Good thing his friends and crew were very much against fleet regulations.

The Lyons’ Pride (The Phoenix Initiative Book 1) 
by Chris Kennedy (Author), Marisa Wolf (Author)

No other Human is more enigmatic than the Lyon.The Lyons' Pride (The Phoenix Initiative Book 1)

On the African savanna, the male lion is the lord who watches over his family, while the females of the clan do the real work.

Joel, “The Lyon” Lyons thought that owning a mercenary company would be similar—he could sit back and allow the Lyoness to run the Pride. Everything would go well, money from successfully completed contracts would flow like water into his bank accounts, and everything would be as easy as it had been for him when he’d owned a chain of highly-successful restaurants.

It’s easy to be full of pride when everything is going your way.

But when he runs afoul of Peepo, the Veetanho who is arguably the most successful mercenary general in galactic history, he finally meets his match—someone who is every bit the master of logistics he is—and he is brought low.

The true measure of a man isn’t in never being knocked down, though—it’s in what you do when you are. When Peepo leaves him for dead on the battlefield, will the Lyon slink away from the galactic spotlight, or will he get back up again and let the galaxy hear him roar?

Beneath the CavernsBeneath the Caverns
by R J Burle

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend or another enemy?

Of all the terrors in the Forbidden Zone, no place strikes more fear in the hearts of the survivors than the Caverns. But when Bryan’s young son is kidnapped and dragged into its depths, the Mountain Warriors must storm it. They know the caverns are filled with blood mad vampires, but there’s a lurking evil they didn’t expect and a depth of deception they aren’t prepared for. Despite their usual bravery, when the rescue turns into violent chaos, the warriors retreat and Eric is abandoned. No longer the inept fighter, Eric is ready to shed his reluctant hero status and wage war against the vampires. His only friend is a vampiress sent to kill or turn him and their only way out of the caverns is to go deeper into them, beneath reality as they know it. Can Eric rescue the child or will the unexpected encounters in the caverns make him forget what’s real and more importantly, what matters most?

Outcast: Mountain Warriors Book 1 Outcast: Mountain Warriors Book 1
by R.J. Burle

Despite facing an immediate firing squad, a down on his luck journalist, Eric, violates a quarantine zone to investigate the wild lands of the Southern Appalachian Mountains that are inhabited by zombies, vampires and other terrors.

After a betrayal, the government permanently exiles Eric to the wasteland of The Forbidden Zone and sends the ruthless Specter to trail him.

Eric is no longer a nonparticipating observer but must quickly learn the ways of the warrior, when a group of survivors, who live under a strict code of sword and gun, turn against him, as they face off against a horde of zombies.

Will Eric be accepted by this band of survivors or will he be exiled again to face not only the undead, but the other creatures of the forest that might be even worse.

Silk Unspun (Exopreneurs Book 1)Silk Unspun (Exopreneurs Book 1)
by D.S. Blake (Author)

It should have been a routine negotiation, an easy task for even a novice bailiff to handle.

Jake Ambler, a disaffected youth searching for purpose in the cosmos, finds solace in the ranks of the disreputable “exopreneurs” – those who seek to profit from the exploitation of alien worlds. His assignment?

Bug Space, a region of the galaxy where colossal, intelligent insectoids reign supreme. But when Jake arrives on the insect-infested planet of Telia, he quickly discovers that nothing about his mission is routine. The Spider Queens of Teila, a domineering race of arachnids, wield power like nothing he’s ever encountered. Their disdain for lesser life forms is only surpassed by their insatiable desire for supremacy among their own kind, especially the males.

And his fellow exopreneurs intend to cash in on it.

As Jake delves deeper into the tangled web of Teila’s intrigue, he finds himself embroiled in an uprising that threatens to consume him and those he cares for most. Survival is a high-stakes gamble, and the only way out is to unravel Teila’s greatest secret before Jake becomes yet another pawn in this galactic struggle for power.

Silk Unspun is a pulse-pounding science fiction odyssey that explores the boundaries of loyalty, survival, and the pursuit of forbidden knowledge in a universe where danger is as limitless as the cosmos.

Lucky 14 and Other StoriesLucky 14 and Other Stories
by David Rowlett

The year: 1967. The place: Hollywood.

The script: impossible. — A blizzard hits America in July.

Why? — She hates him. Can she get away with poisoning his coffee? —

Why did the world’s greatest theater director vanish? —

Two small-town lawyers fake a murder. Are they equally guilty?

You will find these tales and more inside this funny and moving collection of fourteen new short stories by David Rowlett.


Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chase
by David Rowlett

Russian spy Eva Fleet and film professor Hieronymus Dent must find a long-lost Hollywood film to prevent a nuclear war.

Their epic quest for the stuff-of-legends film is an adventure as suspenseful—and dangerous—as the film itself.

Those Who KnowThose Who Know
by David Rowlett

Private investigator Andy Comb must recover a stolen piece of military technology before world war breaks out.

Standing in his way: a hot debutante, the U.S. government, a psychotic Chinese spy, and half the eccentrics in North America.



Three Screenplays


Three Screenplays

by David Rowlett

Three feature-length screenplays: High Note, Double Life, and The Underdogs.

In High Note, vocal student Laura Celt must clear her name of the murder of her idol.

In Double Life, a pop diva and a scientist dodge terrorists and government agents while on a quest to prevent insects from being weaponized. In The Underdogs, an undocumented migrant and a homeless man team up against corruption in a Florida town.

From the murder mystery of High Note, to the zany musical-adventure Double Life, to the harrowing portrait of evil in The Underdogs, THREE SCREENPLAYS offers a kaleidoscopic variety of cinematic entertainment.

Deuces Wild: Beginners’ LuckDeuces Wild: Beginners' Luck
by L.S. King (Author)

All Slap ever wanted was his ranch and family.
The gangster Lyssel destroyed all that, leaving only charred remains.

Tristan wanted nothing—
He had no expectations from life and trusted no one, surviving by his wits, his sole amusement taunting his enemies—like Lyssel.

When the bereaved cowboy and space rogue meet, they discover they are hunted by this common enemy. Forced to work with each other against the gangster and his mob, the duo must try to escape the planet.

But can two total opposites put their differences aside long enough to stay alive?

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Sword’s Edge (Sword’s Edge Chronicles Book 1)Sword's Edge (Sword's Edge Chronicles Book 1)
by L.S. King (Author)

Ripped from her home—
—thrust into danger.

Fifteen year old Tam finds herself in the midst of conspiracies to murder her family.
Can she uncover the treason before it’s too late?

Tragedy strikes—
Tam’s world crumbles.

Amidst grief, she must undertake a dangerous rescue mission, aided by a mysterious alien relic. Can this young lass succeed or will the assassins at her heels cost her all?

You’ll love this Epic Fantasy, because it’s science fiction with a twist.

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The Tales of Susan Barthwaite The Tales of Susan Barthwaite
by Ron Nielsen (Author)

With the end of the world fast approaching, Susan and Paul are forced to confront the uncomfortable truths that lurk beneath Manada’s veneer of polite society.

A tale of two souls set during the rise of the New Republic, their lives soon become intertwined by fate and then unravel before necessity compels natural enemies to become allies.

Will they survive the late stages of a silly society and build a new future, or will billionaire philanthropist and would-be Global King Jerome Absberg realize his ambition to rule the world?


Discovery (Polecat Protocol Book 1) is a Fan Favorite.

Breakdown (Polecat Protocol Book 2)

Breakdown (Polecat Protocol Book 2)
by John M. Olsen

Jericho Jackson has a ship to build, a sister to find, and a fiancée to marry, along with a priceless store of interstellar jump ship fuel to protect from thieves and murderers. Not bad for a guy who is supposed to be dead.

Shanna Percival has a driving need to not only constantly prove herself a mechanical wizard, but to also meet her mother’s expectations, and to tie the knot with Jericho. She has to do it all without tipping off those who might want her and Jericho to stay dead.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t have to go back to a troubled Earth, the home of both their problems and their goals. At each step, the mission grows more complex and more dangerous as they encounter mystery, intrigue and betrayal.

Through it all, questions surrounding the Polecat Protocol grow. Will it be their beacon of hope, or will it fail them as society crumbles?

Emergence (Polecat Protocol Book 3)

Emergence (Polecat Protocol Book 3)
by John M. Olsen

Jericho Jackson has some difficult choices to make. He controls a motley fleet of cargo jump ships with nowhere to go, and has a fledgling colony to protect from discovery.

Shanna Percival (now Shanna Jackson) hopes to solve their problems with information gleaned from the Polecat Protocol archive, suspecting it has yet to give up its greatest secrets. Curiosity can be its own reward, but she needs answers.

Military deserters would kill for Jericho’s stockpile of jump-ship fuel, and there is nowhere to hide.

Out Of The Ashes (The Four Guardians Book 1) 
by Matt Waterhouse (Author)

Out Of The Ashes (The Four Guardians Book 1)

In the aftermath of a devastating war, a dead soldier is brought back to life as a Construct, a reanimated soul inside an giant armoured body.

With his memory fractured and body foreign, he takes on the moniker Ironclad, unsure of who he really is.

Along with his former comrades he journeys to the mysterious White Tower, hoping for answers as to his purpose.

Pursued by a vengeful Mage and a clan of reaving warriors, they discover a changed world of fire and death, and an old enemy that is more powerful than they could have imagined.

The first installment in the Four Guardians series.

Matt Waterhouse

Matt Waterhouse is an independent author of fantasy and science fiction, of the Four Guardians series and standalone novels. All he wants is to write stories that need to be written.


A New Beginning (Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds Book 1) 
by M.A. Nilles (Author), Melanie Nilles (Author)A New Beginning (Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds Book 1)

On a remote mining station, Nyalin hides a secret that would make her a hunted woman—she is a Crystal Keeper, a protector of a shard of the powerful Starfire crystal.

However, when a strange shuttle falls through a portal near the mining station, she can no longer avoid her responsibilities.

The human pilot, Vellin, is part of a research team that has developed gateways for instant travel anywhere in the universe without requiring a Starfire crystal, and he has been followed by an enemy through the portal.

To stop dangerous forces from possessing the gateways to spread destruction, Nya must team up with Vel and risk exposing her secret.

In their race to destroy the gateways, they will find allies and enemies… and a new reason to worry.

Rebel Slave (Rebel Slave Saga Book 1) 
by Richard Davis (Author)Rebel Slave (Rebel Slave Saga Book 1)

Broken by war… Enslaved by a corrupt queen… Imprisoned in a frozen Hell from which no man has ever escaped before…

Charles Raptor is a soldier, loyal and true. But after 18 years of fighting, he has one wish. To retire to a life of peace with a new wife in the country of his birth. But war isn’t finished with Charles Raptor.

Falsely convicted of a crime he did not commit. Torn from his wife and family. Sold into slavery to a tribe of dwarves. Condemned to a life of grueling labor in a prison, a thousand miles from freedom, run by a sadistic overseer who hates men with a passion.

None of this, by itself, could break him. But to see his wife in danger, her life hanging by a thread, while he remains locked in a cage…

To rescue his wife — to redeem his name — to reclaim his freedom, can Charles become the Rebel Slave that will give birth to a legend?

Lupus Dei: A St. Tommy NYPD Short Story
(St. Tommy N.Y.P.D.)
by Declan Finn

For his own good, Detective Thomas Nolan has been sent abroad as part of the NYPD intelligence division.

But when Nolan awakes in the middle of the Italian wilderness, stripped naked and hunted by witches, he might find it safer back in New York.

These witches want to hunt the most dangerous game, but this one may be the most dangerous of all.


Principle Necromancy: A St. Tommy NYPD Short Story (#2) (St. Tommy N.Y.P.D.)
by Declan Finn (Author) Principle Necromancy: A St. Tommy NYPD Short Story (#2) (St. Tommy N.Y.P.D.)

When NYPD transplant Thomas Nolan stopped a writer from assaulting a film director, he thought it was another day in Rome.

But he was led there by the scent of evil, and an irked author was the least of the problems in set.

The leading lady hides in the shadows, the lead is a fugitive, and the screenplay author may lack a pulse.

Tommy knew Hollywood was murder, but he hoped the victims at least stayed dead.


They Burn Witches, Don’t They?: A St. Tommy NYPD Short Story (#3) (St. Tommy N.Y.P.D.) 
by Declan Finn (Author)They Burn Witches, Don't They?: A St. Tommy NYPD Short Story (#3) (St. Tommy N.Y.P.D.)

When body parts end up on the front lawn of a cop, Detective Tommy Nolan would be the first on the scene. But he’s unavailable, driven out of the city by corrupt cops and more corrupt politicians

Tommy’s partner, Detective Alex Packard is a normal cop who knows that the supernatural can kill. With the local priest as a consultant and the ME at his side, they must dig into the rash of human sacrifices all over the city, and how it ties into Tommy’s past. With no powers of his own, Packard must face off against a coven of monsters.

Can he manage on his own? Or will he be next on the sacrificial altar?


Vessel: A St. Tommy NYPD Short Story (#4) (St. Tommy N.Y.P.D.) Vessel: A St. Tommy NYPD Short Story (#4) (St. Tommy N.Y.P.D.)
by Josh Griffing (Author), Declan Finn (Author)

It’s a simple job. Those are the worst kind.

Basic Method Three is to make chaos, exploit it, resolve it, and take the credit. It should be straightforward, and without Saint Tommy around, it shouldn’t take all week.

Lim Tong, head of Division Four, Beijing’s agency for tracing and acquiring supernatural weaponry, brought his team through the Blue Saint incident with only a fraction of their force left and nothing to show for it. So when the Politburo gets a lead on the Holy Grail itself coming to a golf course down in Georgia, the Division heads down South for a chance at redemption.

But capturing the most famous relic in Christendom takes more than a simple smash-and-grab. And the Grail has powers of its own.

The Hyperion Signals 
by Josh Griffing (Author)The Hyperion Signals

In June of 2165 technicians find a way to send messages faster than light. They call it The Hyperion Signal, and if messages can move at translight speeds, why not machines and men as well?

We drive ourselves to the next frontier, and the next. And at each frontier another wonder lingers.

In Pyre and Ice, the job of terraforming Titan’s frozen wilderness falls to Jotunheim Station, but the threat within the station is as deadly as the cold outside. It takes integrity, courage, and teamwork to see the mission through.

With translight ships, we set out across the galaxy, seeking out marvels our mere telescopes only hinted about. The first two ships to make the translight quest were Petra and Henley, sent to survey a world where strange trees grow Under a Wayward Sun.

Gemini Warrior (Gemini Man Book 1) 
by J.D. Cowan (Author), Thomas Plutarch (Author)Gemini Warrior (Gemini Man Book 1)


Matthew and Jason are just two nobodies in a city of heroes and villains. But when they are given bracelets that endow them with powers, and then get thrown into a whole new world beyond all reason, they are soon in over their heads!

Now they must team up with aliens, battle magical creatures, and get back home before the bombs inside them go off! All that, and they still have to defeat the magical being who sent them there in the first place!

Two heads are better than one, but will they be enough to save two whole worlds? Find out in the first book of the Gemini Man trilogy, Gemini Warrior!


Gemini Destroyer: An Epilogue (Gemini Man Book 4)Gemini Destroyer: An Epilogue (Gemini Man Book 4)
by J.D. Cowan (Author), Thomas Plutarch (Author)


The Great Sorcerer King is dying, and his path to Earth is sealed. In a last bid effort to smash the Gemini Man and curse his enemies, he has decided to use his remaining power for one last assault on those who wronged him. Now it is time for the final battle.

Gemini Ender is the final book in the Gemini Man series, collecting two crowdfunded novellas into one volume for the first time. Gemini Dreamer deals with two fugitives from Riverview as they discover the truth behind the power that wrecked their lives. Gemini Destroyer is the last story, following the Great Sorcerer King’s final bid for control over the Gemini Man, his home planet, and the Earth.

Can Matthew and Jason finally put a stop to their sworn enemy? Find out in this final book!

Torchship Pilot


Torchship Pilot
by Karl K Gallagher


The crew of the freighter Fives Full want to enjoy the profits of their dangerous voyage, but when war breaks out they’re pressed into service for missions a warship can’t do.

Winning the war demands pilot Michigan Long act ruthlessly . . .

and may cost her her conscience and her marriage.

Dawn of Chaos: (Sanctum of the Archmage, Volume One) 
by Tony Andarian

Dawn of Chaos: (Sanctum of the Archmage, Volume One)

It wasn’t demons, death, and slavery to the Dark that truly frightened her. It was the woman she would have to become to fight them.

Dawn of Chaos: Full Trilogy Edition (Includes Prologue to Chaos, Hell Gate, and Aftermath)

A new constitution prepares Carlissa for an era of enlightenment. The old order fades, and a promise of freedom stirs the air. In the space of one terrifying day, that promise is shattered in a bloodbath of fire and magic.

Thousands of years ago, an epic battle was fought between good and evil. The demon lords had opened a door to the realms of hell itself, and their horde threatened to overrun the earth. But the Kalarans, led by the hero Calindra, destroyed their hellgate and drove them from the world.

The Great War has long since been lost to myth and legend. The Church struggles for relevance as the people forget their covenant with the gods. A renaissance of freedom and learning stirs the air in the modern age of Carlissa, led by the royal family, and the wisdom of the Archmage.

All that comes to an end when a dome of shimmering magic appears in the capital city. The people fight desperately to survive in the chaos that follows, and wonder bitterly why the gods seem to have abandoned them. Their only hope lies with the magic of the Archmage — and his, with a free-spirited princess who never wanted to rule. She must find the strength to set aside her bard’s calling and take up a battle against impossible odds, or surrender her land and people to the Black Magus and his demons.

Dawn of Chaos finally brings the award-winning Sanctum of the Archmage role-playing games to the world of fantasy fiction. Get it today and don’t miss this exciting first volume in the series!

Note to Readers. This is an omnibus volume that collects previously published books in the Dawn of Chaos series.

The Warm Lands 
by Francis Porretto

Gregor of Serebal, a journeyman sorcerer educated at the Scholium Arcanum in the East, is on a cross-continent trek through the Great Waste: the lifeless desert left by the Dieback that all but eliminated life from Aeol. He has been tasked to chart the courses of the major mana conduits of the continent. In the process he discovers that they have been diverted from their normal paths: Whereas they once flowed from north to south, they now flow from east to west. While there is no obvious explanation for their diversion, they appear to flow directly toward Pontreval, where the Scholium Arcanum in the West is situated.

Laella of Anam is a gifted one: a potential sorcerer not yet trained to the disciplines that would make it safe to practice. Yet the mana has already touched her to ill effect. It has made her a virgin mother, to the horror of her family and neighbors. The ruler of her village has executed her infant son, and the infant children of three other women similarly afflicted, when Gregor arrives in Anam.

Mutual admiration brings them together. Once mated, they travel further west through the Great Waste in pursuit of Gregor’s errand. But though his intent was to walk all the way across the continent, charting the mana streams as he traveled, events will force them to return to Urel, the site of the Scholium Arcanum in the East where Gregor was made an initiate of the Arcana. There he and Laella will confront mysteries the sorcerers of the Scholium cannot unravel. Beneath those mysteries lies a threat to the life of Aeol that will demand all that Gregor, Laella, and their colleagues have to give.

The Discovery Phase: An Onteora County RomanceThe Discovery Phase: An Onteora County Romance
by Francis Porretto

Loren was good looking, well mannered, and highly intelligent. He was broadly competent in applied mathematics, the physical sciences, and computer technology. He could fix almost anything, and would do so happily. Yet for years he’d spent most of his days doing janitorial work at a state college. While at age forty-eight he had never known love, he was reasonably happy…but his past included a darkness over which he still brooded.

Sylvie was a lawyer, and radiantly beautiful. Yet at age forty-two she’d been celibate for more than twenty years. After sixteen years at Weems, Farkas, interviewing prospective clients, drafting motions and memoranda, and filtering out those applicants the firm couldn’t profitably assist, she’d become the firm’s senior associate…but when she learned that the senior partners expected to use her as a party favor for their wealthiest clients, she became disheartened and angry.

They met in a blue-collar bar on a Monday evening. Despite their professional, financial, and religious differences, they seemed perfect for one another…but their pasts and unforeseeable events would have their say.

The Powers of the Earth (Aristillus Book 1) The Powers of the Earth (Aristillus Book 1)
by Travis J. I. Corcoran (Author)


Earth in 2064 is politically corrupt and in economic decline. The Long Depression has dragged on for 56 years, and the Bureau of Sustainable Research is hard at work making sure that no new technologies disrupt the planned economy. Ten years ago a band of malcontents, dreamers, and libertarian radicals bolted privately-developed anti-gravity drives onto rusty sea-going cargo ships, loaded them to the gills with 20th-century tunnel-boring machines and earthmoving equipment, and set sail – for the Moon.

There, they built their retreat. A lunar underground border-town, fit to rival Ayn Rand’s ‘Galt’s Gulch’, with American capitalists, Mexican hydroponic farmers, and Vietnamese space-suit mechanics – this is the city of Aristillus.

There’s a problem, though: the economic decline of Earth under a command-and-control economy is causing trouble for the political powers-that-be in Washington DC and elsewhere. To shore up their positions they need slap down the lunar expats and seize the gold they’ve been mining. The conflicts start small, but rapidly escalate.

There are zero-gravity gun fights in rusted ocean going ships flying through space, containers full of bulldozers hurtling through the vacuum, nuclear explosions, armies of tele-operated combat UAVs, guerrilla fighting in urban environments, and an astoundingly visual climax.

The Team (Aristillus)

The Powers of the Earth is the first book in The Aristillus series – a pair of science fiction novels about anarchocapitalism, economics, open source software, corporate finance, social media, antigravity, lunar colonization, genetically modified dogs, strong AI…and really, really big guns.

The Team (Aristillus) 
by Travis J I Corcoran (Author)

In 2055, nine years before the events of The Powers of the Earth, US Special Forces soldier John Hayes discovers a secret research project that’s being shut down by the Bureau of Sustainable Research. Are the reports of uplifted dogs – creatures genetically engineered to have human intelligence – true? Can John sit by while bureaucrats end the project – and incinerate all the inconvenient evidence?

Staking A Claim (Aristillus)Staking A Claim (Aristillus)
by Travis J I Corcoran

In the early days of the Aristillus moon colony a lone geologist uses a small inheritance to do what the universities and government won’t – fund basic research. Alone on the north face of the central peak in the Aristillus crater, equipped with just a small rover, a Quonset hut, and a small research lab, he finds pyrite – fool’s gold. Except – perhaps it’s not what he assumes after all. Of what use money to someone who cares about science, not lucre? In an anarcho-capitalist border town on the moon with no police and no courts, who enforces property rights? Will Mike ever stop Darcy from whimsical purchases? From the two time PROMETHEUS AWARD WINNER Travis Corcoran (Best Novel 2018, Best Novel 2019), a prequel story set in the Aristillus universe.

by Travis J I CorcoranCaterpillar

A zombie apocalypse is bad enough if you’re far out in the country – but what happens when you’re trapped in a two story brick building in the dense suburbs of Boston, and the streets around you are a sea of biters?

Most people would give up and accept their fate…but Chris, Todd, Stacy and David aren’t most people. They’ve got unique skills … but also unique handicaps.

Todd is the building’s maintenance guy who can weld, cut, and build … but he’s also fighting a losing battle with the bottle.

Chris is a hacker, who can scrape data from the web before the internet crashes for the last time … but he’s also a lot heavier than he should be, and he knows more about cosplay than the real world.

Stacy is a secretary who can run fast, but she’s finding it hard to accept the new reality.

David, the CPA, is fit enough to fight zombies, but he’s a coward.

Given their flaws, it’s doubtful they can survive.

…but there’s one more part to the puzzle. In the first floor garage, there’s a 30 year old, rusted, poorly maintained bulldozer.

The brick walls may keep the zombies out – for now – but the sky overhead is turning orange, and there’s smoke in the air. Watertown is burning, and the wind is blowing this way.

Can Todd, Chris, Stacy, and come together to MacGyver a solution, even though they’re got no armor plate, are short on fuel, and are almost out of MIG welding wire?

They’d better hope so, because they’re about to be forced to leave their cocoon.

Note: This story was originally published in the collection ‘Places Beyond the Wild: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Anthology’, and was set in the world created by Daniel Humphreys. It is republished here outside of that world, in a distinct setting.

Combat Frame XSeed
by Brian Niemeier

The future is over.

Civilization on Earth has collapsed.

Oligarchs have established a new order in manmade space colonies at the Earth-Moon LaGrange points.

A group of powerful colonies form the Systems Overterrestrial Coalition to re-civilize the earth, but grounders view the colonists as hostile meddlers.

The Coalition counters the rising violence with giant manned robots called combat frames.

The independent L3 colonies denounce the war on Earth. In response, Coalition Security Director Sanzen takes L3 leader Josef Friedlander’s wife and daughter hostage.

Amid the tense standoff, Friedlander’s son Sieg launches an unsanctioned rescue mission to L1’s Byzantium colony.

Privateer: A Space Opera SciFi Series (Hinterspace Book 1) Privateer: A Space Opera SciFi Series (Hinterspace Book 1)
by Page Zaplendam

Hinterspace: In the largely lawless region between the belts, the ruthless are happy to take advantage.

A Rogue Psyborg
A Dead Captain
A Transport Gone Terribly Wrong

Ross, a psyborg war veteran turned privateer whose very existence is illegal, is hired to retrieve stolen tech from one of the most secure research sites in the Sol system. When everything goes sideways, he finds himself faced with a dilemma: risk exposure or place himself at the center of a conspiracy spanning the length and breadth of Hinterspace.

A Kingdom of Ash and Steam: The Ogress Son: A dystopian neo-dark age fantasy
by Page ZaplendamA Kingdom of Ash and Steam: The Ogress Son: A dystopian neo-dark age fantasy

Slade’s blood stirred at the thought of defeating more of those who wreaked havoc against the people. It was a good day for a quest.

Raised in forested isolation by the dread Annearol, the Unearthly, Slade is distrustful and suspicious of his own kind. After the murder of his adoptive mother, he is determined to obtain justice, no matter the cost.

In A Kingdom of Ash and Steam….

His own desperate actions set him at odds with the crown, and he finds himself launched into fighting battles on behalf of a people he thought he was loathe to call his own. But is it justice, or is vengeance?

War is looming.

When his training and genes reveal he has combat skills well above the average warrior, he finds himself fighting for dominion over his soul as dark forces put their pieces in play to ensure a victory for themselves, no matter who is vanquished.

A gritty, neo-dark-age, steam-tech fantasy for lovers of Lindsay Buroker and Jonathon Yanez.

This work was previously published under the title, The Ogress’ Son. If you already purchased the Ogress’ Son, please do not purchase, the interior is the same. Appeals to lovers of dystopian adventures, steampunk elements, sword fighting, and smatterings of romance.

Page Zaplendam is a southern writer with a wide range of fiction interests. As mama to a lot of littles, she doesn’t gets her books out there as often as she’d like, but it’s not for lack of having the need to craft, create, and share new stories with the world. Besides exciting dystopian adventure tales, she also writes space opera, science fiction, and hosts a podcast on her Substack, titled Hinterspace.


by M. Anthony Harris

Ezra’s seventeen, homeschooled, Chinese American, and very much in love.

He’s been pining over Crystal for ages now, and what should have been the best day of his life, the day that he learned she loves him back, turns into the worst when he learns he has superpowers, because powers always kill their host.

After a horrific accident Ezra’s carted off to be studied, poked, prodded and experimented on until either his powers take him or one of the other superpowered residents accidentally kills him.

Now Ezra has to learn the most important lesson of them all, how to live with dying.

The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret: 224-Verse
by James Pyles (Author), Starry Eyed Press (Author), A.S. Charly (Illustrator)

Kam Samir Naji has always been an above-average smuggler but finds himself in a new
dimension of possibility when he becomes the owner of a restored space freighter that seems to
have a mind of its own.

With an assassin tracking his every move and a hold full of cargo in need of delivery, everything
Kam thinks he knows about reality is coming into question in a galaxy where answers may lie on
the far side of a jump gate.

The Haunting of the Ginger’s Regret is a part of the 224-Verse continuity but is a completely stand-alone short with no prior knowledge of the characters or settings required for enjoyment.

The Fallen Shall Rise: 224-Verse The Fallen Shall Rise: 224-Verse
by James Pyles (Author)

Jepheth Shinzi, archeologist on the rigid backwater Kaamus star system, discovers a controversial anomaly when scans taken of space match up with 3,000 years worth of cultural mysteries.

Fearing being labeled a traitor to his government, he proceeds to share the findings in confidence before the evidence becomes overwhelming and the situation warrants in-person investigation.

There appears to be an ancient gate in deep space and it’s emitting an energy signal.

Powers and Principalities: Short fiction
by S. Kirk Pierzchala (Author)

From award-winning author S. Kirk Pierzchala, a collection of sixteen short stories that encompass humor, horror and wonder across a generous selection of political satire, science-fiction, paranormal and mystical fables.Powers and Principalities: Short fiction

End Game: A woman’s desperate warnings of impending disaster are ignored, until she speaks the ultimate words of power.

Experts Agree: During an endless pandemic, the authorities will always know what’s best, even if it makes no sense.

When Fall the Scales: A dutiful citizen is grateful to receive an implant that promises relief from her dystopian existence.

Resolution of Impossible Goals: A cynical doctor discovers how to cash in on one of the most twisted trends in modern society.

The Shield: A vulnerable, homeless teen is saved by an unexpected handout.

Hounded: He can run, but can’t hide, from something that’s been pursuing him all his life.

Leaving Home: Some journeys get cut short, but are still worth taking.

Free Lunch: A young girl confronts an ancient evil seeking to enslave her family. Is her book-learning enough to save them?

Olivia’s Beach: A child escapes unimaginable horror, but will lingering darkness contaminate her safe haven?

Mother’s Love: When Aubrey contends with a supernatural force for the life of her newborn, she and her child must live with the consequences.

Chiron Awakes: When a clever scientist creates a fabulous entity, will his dreams of fame be destroyed as he battles for the creature’s loyalty?

Powers and Principalities: On his first day in office, the new American President learns some mind-bending truths about his duties. Is he strong enough to stand up to the true powers behind the throne?

The Dark Beyond: A young man leaves his brutal and primitive village to seek answers to life’s most disturbing questions.

Pareidolia: A young boy is relieved to learn that the faces haunting him in patterns are just a trick of his mind…probably.

The Secret of Phelim Darke: A suave womanizer realizes his latest conquest has some secrets of her own.

Ruin of Souls: The last living human has no power to resist the relentless enemy who has plagued mankind forever. Are there any heroes left at the farthest reaches of the universe?

The Mighty Sons of Hercules : Volume 1 Kindle Edition
by Abraham Strongjohn, Adrian Cole, Misha Burnett, Mark MellonThe Mighty Sons of Hercules: Volume 1

Long ago, in ages past…

There were men who travelled the world, seeking adventure, fighting injustice, defending the weak and the helpless, looking to right wrongs wherever they are found:

These were the Mighty Sons of Hercules!

Cirsova Publishing invites you to join eight of the Mighty Sons of Hercules on their daring adventures!

You’ll be amazed by their impressive feats of superhuman strength. You’ll be dazzled by the exotic and dangerous beauties who would seek their downfall. You’ll cheer as they save the innocent from peril and mete out justice to dastardly villains.

Wherever righteousness must have a champion, there you will find the Mighty Sons of Hercules! Whenever there is need and no mortal man can suffice, a Mighty Son of Hercules shall appear!


A Sword of the Three Rivers: The Sendyne Empire Series

A Sword of the Three Rivers: The Sendyne Empire Series
by Seth Hobbs

Begin an epic journey in a forgotten time, where empires rise and fall, helping or destroying smaller provinces along the way. Follow the bloody and lusty adventures of young Bovir of the Woodlands, as his destiny becomes intertwined with the many colorful characters, beautiful vixens, kingdoms, politicians, priests, bankers, and terrifying warlords that he meets along the way, simply trying to return home and find his revenge for the many wrongs dealt to him. Alongside these quests, he must deal with the whims of the gods, ancient prophecies, and the corruption of the religious overlords that keep their secrets. An odyssey for a new generation of readers and fantasy fans.

Four Puppet Kings and a Fool: An Epic Fantasy Novel
(The Sendyne Empire Series Book 2)
by Seth HobbsFour Puppet Kings and a Fool: An Epic Fantasy Novel (The Sendyne Empire Series Book 2)

A devastating plague; rampant inflation; propaganda for the masses; breakthroughs in innovative technology; rumors of civil war; racial and ethnic tensions; nefarious conspiracies; class struggles and street preachers yearning to overthrow the nobility. The Sendyne Empire is at the height of its power, but it has never been in a more precarious position…and it is about to reach a boiling point.

General Rotilla Voxinus and the teenage Emperor Kwisus continue their relentless campaign to destroy Bovir of the Woodlands, and lock down their colony in the Three Rivers. Amidst the mayhem, bold pirate fleets, lusty vixens, and rogue city-states assert their own power in the East. The crafty and beautiful Abzrielle must navigate her own path among deadly buccaneers and repulsive men in a foreign land. Xeno Von Oceanskimmer must return to the distant continent of An’Fazzor, to negotiate with a father and culture that he abandoned years ago.

Jethias Voxinus, son of the famous general, lands a dream job at Godhead Mountain, working for the eccentric technological genius, Udo the Originator. Duke Stolis Panthorrien of Bottom Knuckle works around the clock to prepare for a possible Sendyne incursion of his own lands, guided by the mysterious philosopher known only as Great Grandfather.

Delve deeper into the series in this sprawling epic, where nothing is quite what it seems– as religion, science, dark secrets, mythology, lust, love, political intrigue, exotic realms, and brutal warfare explode in style! In this highly-anticipated sequel to “A Sword of the Three Rivers”, worlds will collide, veils will be lifted, blood will flow in the streets, and the Sendyne Empire’s inner workings will finally be laid bare.

What readers are saying about Book 1 in the series:

“A well written Fantasy novel with an action line that races like a runaway train!”

“Hobbs has a way of transporting the readers into the adventure. This “epic journey” throws the readers into a fast paced fantasy that keeps hearts racing for the next twist and turn!”

“Hobbs’s imaginative, sweeping, humorous style easily drew me into the adventure, even when I found the prose at times somewhat windy. Readers who look for an escape into a richly adorned, rousing fantasy world will certainly not be disappointed.”

by Thomas J. Weiss

They wanted him to start a war. Instead, he became a God.

Daniel Lyon loves living his life in virtual reality. His days are filled with games and friends and a family that loves and cares for him. Until one day, when terrorists – religious terrorists – rip it all away.

Motivated by an unrelenting desire to even the score, Daniel leaves home and enlists in the Defense Force. There, he learns how to control some of the military’s most secure intelligence collection assets: robotic Starlings that look and sound like the real thing.

Two years later, after discovering the DF isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, Daniel meets a rich, eccentric man with plans of his own for dealing with the terrorists. The payoff is great but so is the price. Daniel must leave behind everyone and everything he knows to journey to Geb, the terrorists’ home planet.

On the way there, Daniel loses his partner and discovers that the plan requires him to do things – kill innocent civilians – that he will never do.

So he changes the plan.

He teams up with a striking young woman who has first-hand knowledge of the terrorists and together, they embark upon the most audacious mission in the history of warfare, one that will end the conflict once and for all, if everything goes according to plan.

It doesn’t.

What happens instead is far more outrageous and terrifying and Daniel Lyon has no idea how he’ll live through it.
Advance praise for Murmurations:

“The story hooks you, right away, and doesn’t let you go. You will not want to put it down.”

“Classic sci-si in the grand tradition of Heinlein, Asimov, and Crichton.”

“This isn’t popcorn fiction you’ll forget about tomorrow or the next day. This one will stay with you long after you finish it.”

by Alexander Rob

The world of Gritt is dead—its inhabitants just haven’t caught up yet.

For years, Ryan has saved money to leave. Sand sailors willing to cross the desert are expensive. A month more of work and she and her younger sister will kiss Gritt goodbye.

But their time is cut short. Ryan is an Imperial, and The Seeker has orders to stop her from leaving—and breathing.

If there’s one thing the people of Gritt are known for, it’s their ability to survive. Now Ryan needs this skill more than ever before. She must rely on her wits, tenacity, and a bit of luck to carry out the plan.

There’s no more time to wait. Ryan must get herself and those she cares about safely away from this hellish landscape.

Ys The Fallen
S.C. Vincent

She has a curse. He has scales.

The Kingdom of Ys has been cursed by the Devil, a mighty dragon who seeks celestial conquest. As Princess Dana, one of the last acolytes of a forgotten church, scours the Dracon Lands hoping to find help for her people, she stumbles upon a giant egg. A handsome man named Ru, who has supernatural abilities, breaks free from the shell.

They set forth on a journey to free Ys of the curses by slaying the Devil, all the while facing Dana’s evil sister and her insidious machinations. But before the apocalyptic battle begins, they first face their own inner turmoil. Ru confronts his relation to the dragon and his contradictory tendency towards good. Dana treads the line between love and lust as she struggles to remain moral in a fallen world.

Can the curses be broken? Or will their relationship be broken first? The bells of Ys must ring.

The fight for salvation begins now!

McMann and Duck
by Frederick Key

It’s 1951, and Army veteran McMann is down in his luck in a Texas town, accompanied by his partner, Duck. Duck is an actual duck, which McMann credits for saving his life in the war. They are asked to investigate a case of theft at the local trucking company, where an employee vanished with the contents of the safe. The search for the missing man leads to the discovery of a murder — a murder in which McMann himself looks like an interesting suspect to the sheriff. Of course, all the locals think he’s crazy already, hanging around with a duck. Can McMann and Duck find the real killer — or will the real killer find them first?

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