Q-Track – Precise Location for the Most Difficult Indoor Tracking Problems

Q-TrackLogoMediumQ-Track provides Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) – similar to GPS, but more accurate and capable of working indoors. Q-Track’s Near Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER®) products keep workers safe from collisions with automated cranes in dozens of factories nationwide. The nuclear power industry was an early adopter of NFER® products, using them to train employees to avoid exposure to radiation.  NFER® products track soldiers in a large training facility for Military Operations Urban Terrain (MOUT). Q-Track’s products successfully track oil and gas workers, hockey players, and integrators are exploring other applications. Q-Track has deployed NFER® technology in a variety of work environments to prove that it can reliably track firefighters, corrections officers, miners, and nurses.

Q-Track’s NFER® RTLS technology provides the “indoor GPS” to bring location awareness to the most difficult environments. NFER® products take a unique low-frequency, long-wavelength, near-field approach to indoor location that works even in complicated environments where line-of-sight is not always available. NFER® products typically achieve 40cm rms accuracy or better with an infrastucture cost much less than comparable accuracy competitors. Q-Track’s innovative approach to Real-Time Location Systems enables “Knowing Where: Any Where.”

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