Enthusiastic Reviews for The Art and Science of UWB Antennas

955 Schantz UWB Cover IsoSome distinguished early readers offer enthusiastic reviews for the revised second edition of The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas.

Schantz introduces time domain methods in antenna engineering and microwave techniques, which relate to ultrawideband signals in this expanded second edition. The book is delightfully illuminating, and includes well-researched historical roots of the antenna arts, that are seldom encountered in contemporary text books. Chapters are sprinkled with illustrative examples and solutions, as well as chapter-end problems meant to guide the serious student through UWB concepts. Schantz traces the antenna sciences from the early UWB beginnings of radio, through the narrow-banding and “suppressed time harmonic” era, to encompass his fresh modern electromagnetic energy flow concept, which leads to a better understanding of UWB wave interaction in a complex environment.
Dr. Kai Siwiak, CEO, TimeDerivative, Inc.

​“This is quite a book. Dr. Schantz has created a monumental work on UWB antennas. It appears that he has covered in detail every conceivable topic in this area, and he has done so in a carefully thought out manner that should be ideally suited to the practitioner in the field. The required mathematics are presented in a straight forward manner as needed. And on nearly every topic, Dr. Schantz provides detailed historical background, which reveals an extra dimension too often hidden in our work. By knowing where we have come from, not only can we appreciate the geniuses who have come before us, but we can also better see where we might go.
James C. Rautio, PhD, President Sonnet Software, Inc.

Dr. Schantz’s book is an outstanding resource for engineers and academics interested in antenna engineering, as it provides remarkable insights into the physics and operation of antennas, and a thorough overview of wideband antenna engineering. The book represents a great reference for skilled antenna engineers, and an excellent starting point for graduate students and novice engineers eager to learn more about the challenges of antenna theory and engineering, and of wideband antenna operation.
Prof. Andrea Alù, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

The book will be released in June. Copies are available from Amazon, Artech House, or directly from the author.



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