Celebrating AetherCzar’s First Month!

The AetherCzar blog debuted toward the end of April, and since then we’ve had over fifty posts ranging from short reposts of other content to full original essays and reviews on topics of interest. In celebration of AetherCzar’s first month of  blogging, we present the top ten posts or threads we believe were our best work to date, in chronological order. Enjoy!

  1. Big Trouble: The Steunenberg Assassination A trip to Boise, Idaho inspires a look back to the Trial of the Century.
  2. Antennaphobia and Nineteenth Century Antennaphobia RF safety hysteria, from Marconi to cell phones.
  3. Chinese Engineers Work For Bananas? Photo of a Chinese engineering office. And bananas, of course.
  4. Slavery and Exploration, The Lost Franklin Expedition, and Sir James Ross and Mean Sea Level. Three posts on topics arising from Barrow’s Boys – the little understood history of slavery and African exploration, the discovery of the Northwest Passage, and the exploration of the Antarctic coast. A fourth “Barrow’s Boys” post is on the back burner. Look for it in June.
  5. Wireless Power Transfer – Circa 1927 Speculative science from 1927 underlies Buck Rogers.
  6. Having Twins Twice The Czarina’s tale of being mother to two sets of twins – and a high profile review for her Mom-invented baby bowl and infant feeding set.
  7. Poison Control: Thanks! A personal account of my experience with the Poison Control Hotline. Glad to know their operators are always standing by!
  8. When Recycled Glass Isn’t A local story on the controversy following the discovery that “recycled” glass ends up in the landfill.
  9. But Will They Cover Mental Health Services For Accountants?Escaping the 1099 Avalanche?, and  The 1099 Mandate. Three posts on the continuing saga of yet another reason to dislike the Health Care bill – vastly more “1099” paperwork for small businesses implemented by clueless politicians with no real-world experience in business and no understanding of the unintended impact of their mandates.
  10. Lefty: World’s First Checker-Bot A friend invented what was probably the first checker playing robot – in 1983!
  11. I Won a Class Action Lawsuit and… I don’t even have a T-shirt to show for it! My personal frustration with class action lunacy was cited at Overlawyered and at the Center for Class Action Fairness.

And yes, our top ten list has eleven entries – all part of AetherCzar’s philosophy of exceeding reader expectations where ever possible.

A quick preview of the month ahead: AetherCzar will continue aiming for a “feature post” every day at 5:12am CDT and an optional “alternate post” at 10:24am CDT. AetherCzar’s new WWII Journal series will publish irregularly at 8:48pm CDT. There are a half dozen WWII Journal posts already in queue with more to come. Other queued up material includes a two-parter on the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics. Enjoy!

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