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HiddenTruthFeatureThe Hidden Truth is now available on Amazon in a paperback edition for $13.99. In the first day of sales, The Hidden Truth garnered five excellent reviews. For a limited time, I will provide a free copy of The Hidden Truth in exchange for your review. Email aetherczar at to take me up on the offer. Here’s one recent review from Jay Garing:

The Hidden Truth is a great combination of science history and dystopian conspiracy thriller. However, more important than all that, it’s really about the coming of age of a young man who is finding out that, despite the shock of discovering that his world is profoundly more malevolent than he thought, he is uniquely capable of fighting back in such a way that gets to the very heart of the situation.

The Hidden Truth is a great read, and Hans keeps the tension building as you begin to glimpse the extent of what is being hidden. He clearly has future books in mind, and this one establishes a foundation for a series. I think Hans is interested in telling the story of a young man’s realization that there is a profound malevolence that is loose in the world, and that it has actually been around a long time. There are lots of interesting plot points around old science textbooks, and the fact that none of those examples are fictional leaves one with a creepy feeling about our own world. I enjoy Hans’ attention to historical accuracy, and I can’t think of another example of Steve Berry / Dan Brown style historical conspiracy theory fiction within the history of science.

However, Hans is also careful to keep this as the background upon which he builds his characters, and the story is not primarily about the ancient mystery. It’s about how one fights back against such as thing in the here and now. How does one fight back against something like this? It all starts with never blindly trusting authority and making up one’s own mind to pursue the hidden truth…

This review does a great job of focusing on an essential characteristic of The Hidden Truth: the book offer a story of how evil corrupts the world and how good can fight back.

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