The Brave and Bold, Book 3 of the Hidden Truth Series – Readability

The Brave and the Bold is now uploaded and on Amazon’s servers. Clocking in at over 400 pages and more than 120,000 words, it’s the sequel Hidden Truth fans have been waiting for. That larger size drove an increase in the paperback price. The Hidden Truth and A Rambling Wreck are available in paperback for $14.99. The higher production cost for The Brave and the Bold persuaded me to set the purchase price to $15.99.

While Amazon’s servers were busy processing the file, I used Microsoft Word’s analytic features to check out the manuscript. You can access this feature through the menu path File> Options> Proofing> Show Readability Statistics. Then you have to suffer through a complete spelling and grammar scan of your document before you get rewarded with feedback at the end of the process.  Following are the results:

The Brave and the Bold tops out at just over 120k words, a respectable length for a novel. The Flesch Reading Ease follows from a formula that takes into account syllables per word and words per sentence. A score in the 60-70 range should be in the range for 13-15-year-old readers or about the 7th grade level. A lower score indicates more complicated words and longer sentences. You’ll all the sophisticated history and science you’ve come to expect from a “Hidden Truth” novel, delivered in simple, clear prose. I’ll have a release date for you soon.

For comparison, here was the result for A Rambling Wreck:

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