Reviews for The Hidden Truth and a $0.99 Sale

The Hidden Truth: A Science Fiction Techno-Thriller by [Schantz, Hans G.]

This week, The Hidden Truth will be on sale for $0.99, so it’s a good time to take a look at some of the amazing reviews my science fiction techno-thriller continues to collect. Writing at Ratburger, John Walker had this to say:

This is a masterpiece of alternative history techno-thriller science fiction. It is rich in detail, full of interesting characters who interact and develop as the story unfolds, sound in the technical details which intersect with our world, insightful about science, technology, economics, government and the agenda of the “progressive” movement, and plausible in its presentation of the vast, ruthless, and shadowy conspiracy which lies under the surface of its world. And, above all, it is charming—these are characters you’d like to meet, even some of the villains because you want understand what motivates them.

At Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise, John Wilder writes:

…this isn’t like Atlas Shrugged with an 87 page speech that would have taken six days to deliver.  No.  The plot is tight, and the author doesn’t repeat himself.  The book is thrilling – especially the last third.

Joseph Moore, proprietor over at Yard Sale of the Mind reviewed The Hidden Truth a couple of months ago:

The story opens with some almost bucolic high school stuff, and establishes the main characters as believable denizens of a small country town. Then it adds electromagnetism and science history, mystery, conspiracy, and murder! Good stuff, good Sci Fi.  I had to laugh out loud at all the points in the story where a poor sensitivity reader’s head would gratifyingly explode. Schantz keeps a completely straight face about it all, which only makes it funnier. 

Pick up the eBook this week for the low price of only $0.99.

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