Book Review: Thrill by Robert Byrne

After a famous wooden roller coaster injures passengers with the violence of the ride, an engineer hired to evaluate new safety modifications must analyze and diagnose a disturbing series of malfunctions before the grand re-opening.

Thrill features an engaging cast of characters: the stalwart and straightlaced midwestern engineer, the mad genius of a coaster designer who resents others tampering with his work, the salty maintenance man who resents being second-guessed, the beautiful fairground worker who knows more than she says, and the coaster fanatic ready for the first ride. The twists and turns Byrne weaves into the plot are worthy of a novel about coasters and the men who design, build, and analyze them.

Thrill was also made into a 1996  TV Movie which I haven’t seen. Other ÆtherCzar reviews of the novels of Robert Byrne are here.

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