A RFID, UWB, Wireless, LBS, and Angel Funding Update

Periodically, I like to pass on interesting items that don’t warrant stand-alone posts. Here’s today’s list:

  • ThingMagic continues their series on 100 innovative uses of RFID technology in 100 days at http://rfid.thingmagic.com/
  • Where, Inc., a location-based ad network, buys Local Ginger. More from the NYT. The Location-Based Services (LBS) market is really taking off.
  • Alereon reports the ultra-wideband (UWB) Imation LINK Wireless Audio/Video Extender is sold out at Amazon.
  • Nokia let bureaucracy kill an early touch-screen smart phone for fear it might be an expensive flop, according to reporting by the NYT.
  • Here’s an interesting story from TechCrunch about possible collusion between Silicon Valley “Angel” investors trying to keep start-up valuations down and agree not to break ranks by offering more entrepreneur-friendly financing terms to start-ups. Disturbing if true.
  • Michael Marcus reports on “The FCC’s Secretive Flip-Flop on Cell Phones and SAR Data.” The FCC is no longer recommending consumers should prefer phones with lower Specific Absorbtion Rate (SAR).  I explained in “SAR Labels for Cell Phones?,” my view that San Fransisco’s regulations requiring Specific Absorbed Radiation (SAR) measurements be posted for cell phones are misleading. Advice to minimize SAR assumes somehow more safety is achieved at lower SAR levels when complete safety already exists at the maximum limit. So, I think the FCC made a good call to abandon bad advice. Hat Tip: Steven Crowley.
  • Finally, great customer service stories are worth sharing. In that spirit, here’s the Czarina’s tale of University Kia in Huntsville, AL accepting responsibility for extended rental car expenses due to a part snafu from their warehouse.  Thanks!

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