Remembering Steunenberg

A statue of former Idaho Governor, Frank Steunenberg faces the Idaho Capital in Boise. Harry Orchard assassinated Governor Stuenenberg in 1905 in retaliation for the Governor's role in suppressing the violent 1899 miners' strike in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.

On this day, December 30, 1905, former Idaho governor Frank Steunenberg opened his garden gate. An explosion shattered the calm and mortally wounded Steunenberg. Steunenberg was targeted for his role in suppressing the violent 1899 miners’ strike in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

The Steunenberg assassination led to a no-holds-barred trial pitting William Borah for the prosecution against Clarence Darrow for the defense. Ultimately, Darrow triumphed and the union leaders responsible for soliciting the crime escaped justice. See ÆtherCzar’s review of Big Trouble: The Steunenberg Assassination.

Also, an excellent source of information should you wish to learn more is John T. Richards, Jr.’s “Idaho Meanderings” blog. Richards, a great grandson of Frank Steunenberg, maintains this  blog devoted to the history surrounding his great grandfather’s assassination, early Idaho history, and related topics.

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