Q-Track’s Tracking System Prototype Successful in Trial

Steve Werner, Hans Schantz, and John Unden of Q-Track show off Q-Track's Firefighter Location And Rescue Equipment (FLARE) prototype. As usual, I'm standing around watching while Steve and John do all the work.

The Huntsville Times has a great write-up on Q-Track’s recent successful test of prototype Firefighter Location and Rescue Equipment (FLARE):

HUNTSVILLE, AL — Q-Track, a wireless tracking technology company in Huntsville, unveiled its firefighter location system prototype last week in Worcester, Mass., where six firefighters died in a warehouse fire in December 1999.

The company’s Firefighter Location and Rescue Equipment system was among tracking systems tested at an annual conference on indoor tracking for emergency responders. The test at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute was to find a “lost” firefighter in a simulated rescue exercise.

“We spent seven minutes finding the downed firefighter, the fastest rescue of the day,” said Steve Werner, Q-Track’s chief operations officer who took part in the Aug. 3 exercise with Worcester Fire Department personnel. He thought the best compliment after the operation came from one of the rescuers, who said, “Your system led us right to him.”

“It doesn’t get any better than that,” Werner said.

The rest of the story from the Huntsville Times, and previously on ÆtherCzar: Q-Track’s Firefighter Location System Succeeds in Trial and Precision Indoor Personnel Location and Tracking.

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