Q-Track NFER® RTLS Enables “Virtual Radiation”

Here’s more good press for NFER® RTLS pioneer, Q-TrackNuclear Engineering International reports:

Workers in six US nuclear power plants are being trained in a virtual radiation environment so that they can develop skills to keep radiation exposures low.

The Q-Track radiation worker training system combines a software program that can be used to define a virtual radiation zone with an indoor wireless tracking system that monitors trainees’ movements. When a trainee approaches a ‘virtual’ radiation source within the simulated radiation environment they will receive a realistic dose, rate and alarm from their simulated electronic dosimeter. Q-Dose also tracks the cumulative dose incurred during the training process. Software can be used to record the trainees’ responses, creating a radiation trail mapping their movements. Instructors can later replay this location, dose and rate data so that trainees can review and critique their performance.

This video shows the Q-Track Dosimulation™ system in action:

Southern Company’s Plant Vogtle won a Top Industry Practice or “TIP” Award from the Nuclear Energy Institute for piloting the Dosimulation™ system. For more information, visit the Q-Track website.

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