iPhone Antennas – The OEM’s Weigh In

While competitors took issue with Steve Job's characterization of antenna problems as common to all smart phones, some of their manuals emphasize holding phones certain ways to avoid iPhone-like antenna coupling problems. Above is a page from the HTC Droid Eris manual (p.13). Source: David Chartier "Don't Hold It Wrong."

Apple’s competitors were not happy with Steve Job’s attempt to paint the iPhone’s antenna problems as similar to those faced by other smart phones. This Wireless Week piece presents feedback from Samsung, RIM, HTC, Motorola, and Nokia. An industry source I contacted declined to comment, saying his company’s testing was proprietary data and could not be released.

At the same time however, several phone manuals including those for the HTC Touch and Droid Eris, Nokia e63 and N97 have specific warnings regarding not touching areas of the phone to avoid interfering with the internal antenna function. David Chartier compiled a collection at “Don’t Hold it Wrong” (via Xeni Jardin at BoingBoing).

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