Introducing the 310C UWB Horn Antenna

Next-RF's 310C UWB Horn Antennas are a compact, low-cost, high-performance alternative to standard gain horns.

“Standard” gain horns are the customary way to make precision measurements, but they tend to make a poor reference against which to compare antenna performance, particularly for ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas. The ideal reference antenna for use with UWB systems is a linear phase antenna with increasing gain to approximate an ideal constant aperture.  Then, the time domain voltage at the antenna terminals approximates the time domain electromagnetic field.  That’s why I designed the Model 310C Horn antenna. This third revision of the design meets the following specifications:

  • Frequency Range: Useable 2-10GHZ, Optimized for 3-10GHz
  • Matching: better than 2:1 VSWR (f > 2.2GHz)
  • Gain: +6dBi at 3GHz; +9dBi at 6GHz; approximately constant aperture
  • Phase Response: Linear ± 20 deg
  • Pattern: approximately 90deg x 90deg or narrower

A matched pair is available for $950 (plus shipping) – less than half the cost of other reference antennas with less suitable specs. Contact me at [email protected] to order. Here are further details:

The VSWR is better than 2:1 for frequencies above 2.2 GHz. Here are the VSWR and return loss from a matched pair measurement:

The 310C UWB horn is well-matched (VSWR better than 2:1) for frequencies above 2.2 GHz.

Here’s the gain from the same measurement:

The 310C UWB horn has gain around +6dBi at 3GHz increasing to +9dBi by 6GHz with linear phase.

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