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I’ve joined Joshua Zader, founder of AtlasSphere, as a co-blogger at the Atlas Shrugged Movie Blog. This is an unofficial fan-run web site focusing on news pertaining to Atlas Shrugged Part One, the soon to be released screen adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I’ll primarily post Atlas Shrugged related items there, and share summaries here on ÆtherCzar. Here’s a quick summary of recent news:

“Based on this preview, I am hopeful, but my fears are not totally dispelled. Whether the movie is really good or not depends on how they handle the stylistic disconnect between the quasi-naturalism of their storytelling technique and the stylized romantic language of Galt, etc. And that stilted exchange with Mulligan worries me. Visually, however, I think it will be excellent — even innovative.

“I think it will be as faithful as a Harry Potter adaptation, which has pitfalls of its own, of course — namely that, in the rush to get everything in, you linger on nothing and so the film becomes a “greatest hits” recap of the book.

“The production quality is far higher than I expected; they’ve done a lot with very little money and they definitely “get” the story. So there’s a lot to be hopeful about.

“Notwithstanding my criticisms, my expectations have been raised by this preview, and I feel better than I did previously about the project. It looks professional and visually gorgeous. The casting is good, and I look forward to seeing those opening credits in an actual theater.”

Follow the Atlas Shrugged Movie Blog for further updates and information.

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