WWII Journal: Paul Farnum, 24 June, 1944

Orders for the 79th Division were to capture the strong point at la Mare a Canards.  This task was left to the 314th. The Paul Farnum and the 313th Regiment veered east to attack strong points west of la Glacerie, encountering continuing opposition, and proceeded to Hameau Gringor,  taking about 320 prisoners as well as artillery equipment. By nightfall, 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the 313th occupied the positions in black in the map below, while Paul Farnum’s 1st Battalion was held in reserve.

Today, 24 June, 1944 The 313th continued its advance to Cherbourg, veering to the east. By nightfall, the 313th occupied the positions denoted by the black line. Source: U.S. Army - Utah Beach to Cherbourg, Map 28.

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