WWII Journal: Paul Farnum, 19 June 1944

The 313th Regiment Objective is the high ground west and northwest of Valognes, on the road to Cherbourg.  Paul Farnum’s First Battalion forms the left of the 313th’s advance, the Third Battalion is on the right, with the Second Battalion in reserve.  Support provided by artillery fires from the 314th, 315th, and 915th field Artillery Battalions of the 90th Division.

The 79th Division's Objective for their first attack 19 June 1944 is the Bois de la Brique to the northwest of the city of Valonges. Source: U.S. Army - Utah Beach to Cherbourg, Map 30.

First contact with the enemy takes place at 5:40. During the rest of the morning resistance is light.  According to French inhabitants, the Germans have moved north during the night leaving only small delaying forces.

By 14:00, the First Battalion passes through Negreville and is fighting for the Bois de la Brique, high ground two thousand yards west of the hamlet of La Brique.  A small German force is holding firmly to the high ground and a stiff fight develops before the First Battalion clears the area.

By the end of the day 19 June 1944, the 313th has occuppied the Bois de la Brique - its objective. Source: U.S. Army - Utah Beach to Cherbourg, Map 29.

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