WWII Journal: Paul Farnum, 21 September, 1944

The 1st and 3rd Battalions were ordered to attack in the vicinity of the railroad overpass and to clear out resistance in houses beyond the overpass.  At noon, the defence of Luneville was put in the hands of the 313th Regiment.  Acknowledging the severe resistance of the enemy, the 315th Regiment was called in to assist.  By 21:00 the 1st Battalion was in the area around Moncel, just outside of Luneville.

Earlier today, 21 September, 1944, Paul Farnum was seriously wounded. According to letters later received by the family, Paul was in combat, leading a section driving the enemy back into the village seeking to silence a gun emplacement.  A mortar shell hit a nearby wall, sending shrapnel into his back, resulting in a large wound. He was taken to the 32nd Evac. Hospital.

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