WWII Journal: Paul Farnum, 7 July, 1944

The 313th Regiment moved to an assembly area near la Gosselinerie, then attacked south past Montgardon, as far as the road leading from La Surellerie to Biemont.  The Regiment received heavy artillery fire continuing throughout the 8th, maintained positions but were unable to advance. In all, the 79th Division advanced five miles since kicking off the offensive on 2 July. By occupying the heights overlooking la-Haye-du-Puits, the position will be untenable for the German defenders. The map (below) shows the positions of the 313th Regiment and the rest of VIII Corps as of 7 July.

By the evening of 7 July, 1944, the 79th Division occupied the high ground overlooking la-Haye-du-Puits. Source: Martin Blumenson, United States Army in World War II European Theater of Operations Breakout and Pursuit, Map #3.

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