Readability of A Rambling Wreck

Microsoft Word can analyze a document for readability. You can access this feature through the menu path File> Options> Proofing> Show Readability Statistics. Then you have to suffer through a complete spelling and grammar scan of your document before you get rewarded with feedback at the end of the process. I turned the analyzer loose on A Rambling Wreck, with the results to the right.

A Rambling Wreck tops out at just over 100k words, a respectable length for a novel. The Flesch Reading Ease follows from a formula that takes into account syllables per word and words per sentence. A score in the 60-70 range should be in the range for 13-15-year-old readers or about the 7th grade level. A lower score indicates more complicated words and longer setnences.

A Rambling Wreck requires some mindful reading – topics include history, physics, and the often obscure jargon of social justice activism. I’ve worked hard, however, to make the sometimes complicated material clear and accessible. Enjoy!


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