Rave Review for The Hidden Truth from L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

hiddentruth800Ken Holder, writing in L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise, offers a rave review for The Hidden Truth:

Rave Review—Run right out and buy this book!
by Ken Holder

I read a lot. And a lot of books are okay reading, if I get them for free or for a dollar or two from Amazon.com for my Kindle Reader app (my wife uses the real Kindle). But every now and then a book is so good it is like a rushing river roaring over me.

This week I had a rushing river roar over me. The book was The Hidden Truth: A Science Fiction Techno-Thriller by Hans G. Schantz. Mr Schantz, or rather Dr. Schantz (he’s a physicist), has given us the best science fiction techno-thriller since whatever Neil Stephenson’s last book was. I could not put it down, and read it all night long and didn’t finish until the sun had been up a while. That wasn’t long enough for my eyes to stop working as is the case with Mr. Stephenson’s books, so there is that.

Do I recommend you run right out and buy this book? YES!

Click through to read the rest. And thanks, Ken, for the kind words.

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