More on the ScienceBlogs Debacle

A few additional updates on the ScienceBlogs debacle (sounds way better than “Pepsi-Gate”):

Seed Magazine happened to forget that their blogging platform has been built upon a time bomb. The magazine has filled their server with dozens of unhinged activists who pretend to be interested in science but whose real passion is radical left-wing politics.

Interestingly, Myers says Luboš Motl’s claim to have been invited to join ScienceBlogs was ludicrous because Myers and the existing ScienceBlog bloggers were going to blackball him anyway so he’d never have been accepted. Right. If that kind of reinforcing self-selection were going on, it goes a long way toward explaining the mindset of so many bloggers in the ScienceBlogs  community and also why the decision to add “Food Frontiers” without consulting the bloggers already in the network was so contentious. It’s no wonder the communications were so poor between Seed Media and its client bloggers – I certainly wouldn’t welcome trying to explain the benefits of enhancing revenue through corporate sponsorship to the anti-corporate types at ScienceBlogs. I empathize with Seed Media.

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