Last Day of the $0.99 Sale! The Five-Star Reviews Continue!

Today is the last day to get the first two books of The Hidden Truth series on sale for $0.99.

Here’s a summary of the five-star reviews The Brave and the Bold has earned so far:

“Dr. Schantz has, once again, exceeded my expectations, and they were very great, having read and enjoyed his first two novels in this series… If you like John Ringo, Michael Z Williamson, Heinlein, Pournelle, or Niven, you will likely enjoy this series. Highly recommended!”


“This is the third book in a series and it’s the best yet! A perfect blend of science and imagination, fact and fiction, plot and character.”


“I read this book in all of two days, sacrificing sleep to get answers! And this is after binge reading the other two books earlier in the week…The book ties up everything neatly and in a satisfying way while also leaving plenty of mysteries for the next installment, which I am eagerly awaiting. Great book!”


“Another great sequel on many levels…. Science, history, and villainous social engineering are cleverly entwined.”


“This is one of the most intricately crafted conspiracy tales I’ve read since the Illuminatus! trilogy, yet entirely grounded in real events or plausible ones in its story line, as opposed to Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson’s zany tale.”

Check out all the great reviews here.

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