Hidden Truth Updates

hiddentruth800The second printing of The Hidden Truth will be released later this week. I corrected a dozen or so typos discovered by my readers (thanks!). The Kindle edition ought to be released later today. If you delete your version and then reload it, you should have the updated second printing.

There are fewer than one hundred paperback copies of the first printing in circulation – most of my sales have been Kindle ebooks. If you would like to own a first printing – no doubt destined to be a collector’s item, you should buy one immediately. Since the paperbacks are printed on demand, as soon as the changes I just made propagate through, all future copies will be the corrected second printing.

UPDATE: Apparently, when I uploaded the new version, Amazon immediately withdrew the first printing, so the paperback is only available from 3rd parties.

Also, you’ll notice blogging has been light of late. I had a productive weekend and completed about 9000 words on my sequel, A Rambling Wreck. Since The Hidden Truth was a 90,000 word novel, I figure I’m 10% done with the draft. If all goes well, I may be ready to release A Rambling Wreck in the second quarter of 2017.

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