CLFA’s October Booknado!

booknado-grfx-600wideIt’s time for the October Booknado from the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance!

The organizers even let me in again with my book on the biographies of John Charles Fremont, but I wouldn’t hold that against their other outstanding selections!

Best of all, when you buy using these links, you support CLFA through the Amazon affiliate program. Without further ado, here are the featured works:

New Releases

Rachel and the Many-Splendored Dreamland (The Books of Unexpected Enlightenment Book 3) by L. Jagi Lamplighter
Third Book of Unexpected Enlightenment: It’s Halloween at the Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Arts, and Rachel Griffin is stirring up the dead! (See “$1.99 or Less” category below to get Book 1 – currently FREE.)

Dragonblood: A Collection of Short Stories by Sarah A. Hoyt
From the trenches of WWI where the Red Baron just can’t help turning into a dragon, to the desert sands of a future world where humans have become something else, from a coffee shop between worlds where magicians gather, to a place where your worst nightmare can love you, let Dragon Blood take you on a series of fantastic adventures.

Mexican Hat Trick by T.S. O’Neill
A Private Investigator with an eidetic memory heads to Mexico to investigate the death of an informant involved in trademark counterfeiting.

A Place Outside the Wild by Daniel Humphreys
Eight years after Z-Day, the surviving remnants of mankind face the unknown.

Advance to Contact (Warp Marine Corps Book 3) by C.J. Carella
As war rages on across the galaxy, a diplomatic mission turns into a desperate fight for survival.

Miss Marianne’s Disgrace (Scandal and Disgrace) by Georgie Lee
Will the benefits of a partnership with this disgraced beauty outweigh the risks of scandal?

Discovery by Karina Fabian
Humanity’s first contact with beings from beyond the solar system is bound to unlock the mystery of life in the universe, but the crew have their own secrets; hidden fears, desires, horrible sins – and a mission to kill.

Cindy’s Story by Duane L. Martin
Cindy finally found something she was good at when she went to work as an assistant to a private investigator. Now if she can just keep from killing her annoying boss and his even more annoying sister, she’ll be doing ok…

Sad Puppies Bite Back by Declan Finn
Based on a true story, then completely twisted.

Echoes of Liberty (The Clarion Call Book 2) by multiple authors (anthology)
History rings with the notes of liberty- if we know how to listen. Echoes of Liberty presents 16 stories of liberty from our past, or the past that might have been, in an anthology of speculative, historical fiction.

Flames of Nevyana by Edward Willett
When sacred objects for channelling Blue Fire are stolen, sworn enemies Petra, Amlinn, and Jin set out to find them, and their paths converge on a collision course with the truth.

Birthright: The Complete Trilogy by Rick Partlow
Caleb Mitchell is a human weapon, engineered into a biologically enhanced killing machine in the war with the alien Tahni. The war is long over and now he just wants to live a normal life as a constable on his homeworld of Canaan…but his life is torn apart when a Corporate Council mineral scout comes to him with a tale of discovering incredibly advanced alien technology from the fabled race known only as the Predecessors.

Days of Future Past – Part 1: Past Tense by John Van Stry
Paul’s instructor just got drafted by some mystical goddess to help save a world. As for Paul? Well, he’s really not supposed to be there, and if he thought he was having a bad day before all of this, it just got worse, a lot worse. He’s now on a one way trip, forced to help a man who despises him while at the mercy of the world’s biggest trickster.

Van Ripplewink: You Can’t Go Home Again by Paul Clayton
48 years dead, seventeen year old Van Ripplewink wakes in a dark, muddy field…

$1.99 or Less (October 17 & 18)*

Light in the Darkness: A Noblebright Fantasy Boxed Set by multiple authors
Twelve noblebright fantasy novels of beauty and wonder! Noblebright fantasy characters have the courage to risk kindness, honesty, integrity, and love; to fight against their own flaws and the darkness of the world around them; and to find hope in a grim world.

The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin (Books of Unexpected Enlightenment Book 1) by L. Jagi Lamplighter  FREE!
Curiosity may kill a cat, but nothing stops Rachel Griffin! “Fringe meets Narnia at Hogwarts”

The Good Fight by Justin Robinson FREE! 
Toronto is a crowded place. Plenty of eyes and ears all around. Plenty of chances to be overheard. Be careful what you say…

The Biographies of John Charles Fremont by Hans G. Schantz
John Charles Fremont, first Republican candidate for President in 1856, led a colorful life that made him vulnerable to allegations of scandal – claims of illegitimate birth, secret Catholicism, even cannibalism – and some of these claims were actually true.

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