Another Great Review for The Art and Science of UWB Antennas

UWB Book SliderProfessor Steve Holland of the Milwaukee School of Engineering is an expert on UWB antennas and broadband matching. He reviewed Chapter 4 of my book as I was writing it, and he provided me with helpful feedback and insights on matching UWB antennas. His conference paper “Wideband Impedance Matching Techniques” is an excellent resource. Now he’s had an opportunity to review the entire book, was kind enough to allow me to share his review:

Cover to cover, this updated edition is a treasure trove of theory and practice interleaved with fascinating, lively historical context;  the author is a clear believer in not only going back to first principles but, when possible, going back to original sources in order to gain a fundamental understanding of the concepts.  In particular, the discussion of energy is central here, which provides an insightful alternative viewpoint to antenna behavior that I have not found in other antenna texts.  The reader is treated to a compelling discussion of UWB concepts and a wide range of UWB antennas, starting from radiation principles and progressing through to practical system-level considerations.  As a result, this book pulls off the rare feat of being a valuable resource for both the theorist as well as the practicing engineer.

More about the book including how to buy it, here.

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