An RTLS, RFID, and Wireless Update

Time for more wireless updates:

  • Here’s a great article about the British precursor to LORAN: “GEE.” GEE was one of the first implementations of the “Time-Difference-of-Arrival (TDOA)” concept used in some modern RTLS implementations.
  • A simple explanation of Ekahau RTLS: “The Perfect Pairing of RF and IR.”
  • Whatever happened to TV Channel One? Find out here. Hat Tip: Steven J. Crowley
  • A detailed survey of telecommunications litigation is here. Yet another Hat Tip to Steven J. Crowley.
  • Matthew Lasar asks if the likes of Pandora are poised to kill AM/FM radio at Ars Technica.
  • RFID Bracelet Turns Admission Ticket into a Fashionable Item – at least according to the vendor’s press release. Hat Tip: Ajay Malik
  • FCC approves RF power transfer device (EDN). This is a much longer range system than “PowerMat,” mentioned here a few months back.

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