Can a Bowl Make a Difference?

Clara is a special needs five-year-old girl. Although she has learned to feed herself with a fork, her fine-motor-control difficulties have made spoon-feeding elusive. Until now. The ergonomic design of the Baby Dipper bowl and feeding set have helped this little girl learn to feed herself. Here’s what her Mom had to say:

It’s rare to find a true “magic bullet” solution to her delays, but the Baby Dipper Bowl was exactly what she needed to increase self-feeding confidence. Frustration is no longer holding her back! Now that she can feed herself with a spoon she is eating more and learning to regulate how much food she scoops up. She’s usually a leftie, but when she wants to eat with her right hand she will turn the bowl so her spoon follows the slope. She feels the difference in the unique design and is using it to her advantage. The little girl who would go hungry rather than use a spoon is even gaining weight!

The heartwarming story is available from Clara’s Mom at her blog. And congratulations to the Czarina for conceiving of such a great product.

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