Brave Browser – Clean, Fast, But Needs Work

bravelogoThere’s a new browser in town: Brave. It’s in beta release, so I downloaded it to try it out. The business model is fascinating. Brave pledges to strip malicious or tracking advertisements from the websites you browse and replace them with different ads. Participating websites would get a piece of the action. It’s definitely clean and fast, but still needs some work. Brave lacks a way to import bookmarks and passwords so it takes time to get it set up. Also, it simply doesn’t work with WordPress. Brave threw errors as I tried to create posts for my blog. My advice? Take a look at Brave to see how fast browsing can be, but don’t plan on making the switch until they’re ready for a more full-featured release.

For now, I prefer using Pale Moon – an open source browser forked from Firefox/Mozilla and optimized for speed and stability. I add Ghostery to block trackers and Ad Block Latitude. I’ve only found a couple of websites were I have to switch to Internet Explorer or Chrome to avoid problems.

Have some thoughts on good ways to maintain your privacy online? Feel free to leave a comment.

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