The Hidden Truth: A Marvelous War Story

HiddenTruthFeatureOne of the recent five-star reviews of The Hidden Truth comes from West Lafayette, IN artist, Robert C. Tracy who characterizes the novel as a marvelous war story:

There is a retired military man in Hans G. Schantz’s story. He’s Rob, the uncle of the main character. Rob says “In this kind of decentralized and distributed struggle there are no leaders nor followers, yet everyone is a leader and everyone is a follower.” The story centers on two high school boys who maneuver through a battlefield where their enemies have for decades formed a fog surrounding their evil deeds. It’s a fascinating path these boys take, with help from Uncle Rob, their parents and other friends. The protagonist wants “to figure out how things work at the most fundamental level”. So he studies physics. His friend, Amit, takes the science of game theory very seriously and to a whole new personal level: a way to land dates with girls, and with astonishing success. The boys have immense courage and dedication. The story is fun reading. Moves fast and you can’t put it down. You feel like you’re in an OODA Loop where time is compressed. The boys and their allies have to constantly stay a step ahead of the enemy who they see closing in. They have to stay observant, and they do so with a youthful urgency to get to the bottom of hidden truths they’ve stumbled upon. Tuning out the chaos of death and destruction along the way, their need to go forward, to learn fast the elements of the secrets that evil forces of men and groups have put into place for over a century. The dialogue is a joy to read, the boys speaking in precise language of a studious curiosity from their love of the science of the matter. I don’t say anything about the science of electromagnetics and physics because I am science and math illiterate. And yet the author gives enough science for the ignorant to grasp pretty much, and much more for scientists. I almost didn’t read the book thinking the science would be way above me, making the reading of the story impossible. Reading the book I actually did understand most of the science presented. I thank Mr. Schantz for that. His story is a delightful read and I’m hoping there will be more fiction from this fine writer.

The military aspects become more clear later in the book. The notes for Chapter 10 will address the 4th generation warfare aspect of the evolving plot and provide additional references.

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