The Hidden Truth: Early Reviews

HiddenTruthFeatureSoon, The Hidden Truth will be available for purchase. I have a standing offer of a free copy for anyone willing to read and review the book. Read the first few reviews below, check out the first six chapters, and let me know if you’d like a free review copy.

Reviewer GM calls it “a real page turner:”

Modern technology relies on a detailed understanding of electromagnetic theory. But do we really know as much as we think we do? The author doesn’t think so and dramatizes this through the actions of a young physics student who uncovers a series of clues that point to a hidden truth about the origins of the theory of electromagnetism, and the existence of a vast conspiracy that will kill to protect the secret. The characters are believable and act rationally, with integrity and determination, when faced with clear empirical evidence that contradicts everything they’ve been told. They are an inspiration to all of us who have to live in a culture that is slowly going insane. This is a real page turner. I couldn’t put it down and I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel.

Reviewer DT says:

It’s like Dan Brown meets Ayn Rand!

Author Schantz offers an important and poignant tale about an inquisitive high-school student stumbling upon a closely guarded secret. Schantz’s technical background and passion on the subject shine through in this easy-to-read and riveting story. In the philosophical spirit of Orwell’s “1984”, Schantz deftly warns the reader of the “cyber” vulnerabilities of everyday life and how we over-estimate our cyber safety in this still relatively new phenomenon of being online.

As an Air Force Officer, I am constantly bombarded with cyber–warfare training warning me of the inherent vulnerabilities that most everyday Americans cannot even fathom. This thrilling story is rife with rich characters and frighteningly plausible scenarios.

Impossible to put down! Eagerly awaiting the sequel!

Reviewer JM was hooked from the start:

From the first words of The Hidden Truth, “When two paths diverge, we must choose. . . . Having chosen, we cannot go back and see what might have been. . . . And from that moment on, nothing is the same any more,” I was hooked. I’ve never been a science fiction reader, but this book drew me in didn’t let go. I’d think to myself, “I’ll stop at the end of this chapter,” but that page would come and go—and I couldn’t stop reading! Riveting, suspenseful, and entertaining are words that perfectly describe this novel of intrigue and mystery.

As he weaves a masterful tale of unexpected twists and turns, it’s clear that the author has a wide depth and breadth of scientific and historic knowledge. Through his skillful writing, the well-developed characters come to life. This thought-provoking work makes readers wonder if the conspiracy described could actually take place in our country. Maybe it already has, and we aren’t even aware it happened because it’s The Hidden Truth.

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