Chapter 7 Notes: On Talking to Police, Oliver Lodge, and Women’s Suffrage

HiddenTruthFeatureThe Hidden Truth – Chapter 7 Notes

These notes are loaded with spoilers and further explanation for Chapter 7 of my science fiction techno-thriller – The Hidden Truth. I suggest you read Chapter 7 first before continuing. Ready? Let’s begin.

Mr. Burke’s good advice on talking to the police comes largely from this excellent video by a law school professor and a police officer:

Prof. James Duane of Regent Law School, a former defense attorney, explains why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police. He’s joined by Officer George Bruch of the Virginia Beach Police Department. Officer Bruch discloses a number of the tricks and techniques he commonly employs in interrogating suspects. I highly recommend this video.

Below is the page of Oliver Lodge’s Modern Theories of Electricity of interest to Xueshu Quan:

Modified Lodge Modern Theory
Oliver Lodge’s Modern Theories of Electricity, 3rd edition revised, 1907, pp. 302-303. (Click for an expanded view).

There actually is a rather large figure, Figure 65, on page 302. This figure is nowhere cited or mentioned in the text. Unfortunately, were you to find a copy of this book and fax these pages in to Xueshu Quan, you would receive a polite note to the effect that Mr. Quan is not interested in acquiring this copy. Later, you’d likely receive a not so friendly visit from some unpleasant characters wanting to know how you found out about this page. This page is the version you’ll likely find online or in your local library, or in the Tolliver Library. In our timeline, you can compare the version from Google Books at this link. Our heroes will have to look further to find the critical copy with the censored text. Below you’ll find the index (or navigate through from the Google Books link to the index). Note the curiously large spacing between the page numbers in the entry for Heaviside. It’s as if something were deleted. Cue the ominous music.

Modified Lodge Modern Theory Index
Note the curiously large spacing in the page numbers for the Heaviside entry in the index.

Oliver Lodge was a contemporary and intellectual ally of Oliver Heaviside. He became interested in spiritualism, a belief reinforced by the grief of losing a son in the Great War. He spent his latter years attempting to reconcile spiritualism and his religious beliefs with emerging scientific discoveries. Heaviside died in 1925. Lodge survived him by fifteen years. The last of the Maxwellians, Lodge’s long life ended at age 89 in 1940.

Here are some links to the research cited by Emma and Sharon in their debate:

I had several additional pages describing the debate in detail. Unfortunately, it slowed down the pace just when the action is picking up, so I ultimately decided to delete it.

I’ve also decided that Chapter 7 ends the free online sample of The Hidden Truth. You’ve had an opportunity to review more than half of the book. If you have enjoyed The Hidden Truth, you may purchase a paperback edition from Amazon. In a few weeks, a Kindle edition will be available, and you can read the rest of the story for free if you participate in the Kindle Unlimited plan. I hope you found my story worth your time and worth the $13.99 (paperback) or $3.99 (eBook) to find out how it ends up. If you purchase the paperback through Amazon, you can get the Kindle ebook for the discounted price of $0.99. Thanks for reading!

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