WWII Journal: Paul Farnum, 23 June, 1944

By late night of 22nd, the 313th along with two battalions of the 314th  held a line along the east-west road which crosses the Cherbourg highway at Crossroads 177 (purple line). That morning, the 313th discovered that they had been cut off by German forces to their rear, and their only contact was through a Battalion of the 314th to their left.   The forward battalions of the 314th took immediate measures to reopen the the main supply route. Meanwhile,the rest of the 313th assisted the 314th in assaulting the enemy fortifications at la Mare a Canards. They advanced nearly a mile but despite having called in a couple of air strikes on the Germans, they did not take the enemy position. By tonight, 23 June, 1944 the 313th occupied  the green line.

Today, 23 June, 1944, The 313th closed in on la Mare a Canards along with a Battalion of the 314th.

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