WWII Journal: Paul Farnum, 20 June 1944

The 315th Regiment struggled yesterday 19 June, 1944 due to scattered resistance around the town of Valogne, so General Wyche decided to leave the 315th where it was, containing the east flank. He ordered the 314th Regiment, which had been the division’s reserve, to join the Paul Farnum’s 313th Regiment in the continuing drive for Cherbourg.

On 20 June, 1944, the 313th Regiment made rapid progress pursuing the defending Germans as they withdrew to their fixed defenses around Cherbourg. Source: U.S. Army - From Utah Beach to Cherbourg, Map 29.

The next objective for the 313th was the high ground directly south of Cherbourg.  The 313th was to take up the main effort of the division as it moved north along the Valognes-Cherbourg highway, with the 314th advancing immediately to the left of the 313th.  Jumping off from the Bois de la Brique at 0600, the 313th moved north in a column of battalions across the Gloire River to St. Joseph.  In the vicinity of Hameau du Long, the advance was so rapid that the Germans were unable to carry out their usual demolitions.  Light fire was received at Hau-aux-Samson, but resistance proved to be light and the Regiment continued to advance until it reached Delasse.  Long range artillery fire and machine gun fire made advance impossible.  Here the 313th Regiment had its first real experiences from direct fire from the famed German 88s, which made further progress along the road impossible.  It was apparent the Regiment had run against the outer belt of the enemy’s main defenses of Cherbourg.

During the day the 315th Regiment cleared out the scattered defenders around Valognes and moved behind the 313th Regiment and the 314th Regiment for support.

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