Hidden Truth: “…mandatory reading for anyone interested in … online security or anonymity.”

300x250HiddenTruthv2-NCC-1776Two more excellent five-star reviews have been posted on Amazon in the past week. Here’s one of them:

A book to make you think about online security, privacy and anonymity

This is a great story with a nice McGuffin and a slightly disturbing take on modern liberalism/progressivism/statism but the real key to the story is the espionage and counter-espionage and, IMHO, it should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in the fields of online security or anonymity.

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Click through to read the rest. The author of this review is the first of the couple dozen Amazon reviewers to focus on the online anonymity aspect of my work. One of my goals in writing The Hidden Truth was to illustrate basic anonymity and information security techniques and then show how even doing almost everything perfectly, my heroes can still be found out. I also wanted to illustrate a plausible scenario by which a high school student with reasonable skill level could penetrate a state-of-the-art encrypted communication channel due to bureaucratic or social deficiencies in how the villains use their state-of-the-art system. I’m not really an information security expert and it took a good bit of effort and consultation with folks who are to try to get it right. I’m glad that effort paid off for the reviewer.

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