WWII Journal: Paul Farnum, 10 June 1944

On 10 June 1944, the 313th Infantry Regiment entrained for Plymouth, England, about 100 miles away. Their destination is Crown Hill Camp, a marshaling area for troops scheduled for shipment across the English Channel. On arrival, a message awaits them from Major General Wyche, in command of the 79th Infantry Division:

Headquarters, 79th Infantry Division
Office of the Commanding General

APO 79, U.S. Army
6 June 1944


TO: Every Member of the 79th Division (Thru: Appropriate Commanders – To be read in the marshalling area to every member of the division.)

1.This division is now headed for the battlefield. After two years of training, I consider the division adequately trained for battle and feel perfectly confident it will accomplish its missions with distinction.

2. In order to add to your effectiveness, I desire each of you to get yourself in a state of hatred against the Hun so that you will approach the battlefield mad as hell. Your state of mind should be that of the hunter who is bent on exterminating vermin and predators. There is one resolution that I want each of you to make, and that is, to so conduct yourself in the first fight that the Boche and all our Allies will be impressed with veteran performance of the 79th Division.

3. May each of you have a good crossing. I shall be on the beach to welcome you.

I.T. Wyche
Major General, U.S. Army

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