WWII Journal: Paul Farnum, 6 June 1944

U.S. infantry come ashore at Utah beach 6 June, 1944. Courtesy Wikimedia.

The soldiers of the 79th Division learn that D-Day has finally arrived.

Earlier today, 6 June, 1944, the 4th Division, a sister division to the 79th Division in VII Corps, landed on “Utah” beach more than a mile south of the originally planned location. “We’ll start the war from right here,” General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. reportedly ordered. The 4th Division captured the beach and moved inland to establish a beach head.

Rommel and other German commanders were convinced the Allies would attack with a high tide at dawn.  The Allies instead attacked at a low tide in weather so poor  the Germans doubted an attack was feasible. To learn more, I recommend Stephen Ambrose’s excellent D-Day: June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II.

Disposition of 4th Division by end of D-Day, 6 June, 1944. Source: U.S. Army: Utah Beach to Cherbourg, Map 8, p. 49.

The troops of the 79th Division learn that another move for their division is imminent.

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