5D Robotics Acquires UWB Pioneer Time Domain

This mornTime Domain PulsON Logoing brings news that 5D Robotics of Carlsbad, California has acquired Huntsville-Alabama based ultrawideband (UWB) pioneer, Time Domain Corporation.

Time Domain President, Rachel Reinhardt, writes:

5D has been a long-standing customer of Time Domain. We have worked closely and developed a cultural affinity and mutual respect for one another as small entrepreneurial enterprises offering highly innovative technology to industry worldwide.

Our respective owners recognized the natural fit of the two firms – 5D’s focus on autonomous mobility software and sensor integration expertise combined with Time Domain’s PulsON Ultra Wideband (UWB) modules, its own software suites, and chip and board design capabilities.  One can also appreciate the importance of “scaling up” in order to better support a growing customer base and to compete effectively in the global economy.

We have known their founder & CEO, David Bruemmer, for 5 years and have a great working relationship with him. In fact, our staffs have already worked together as a unified team on important projects, and both groups are very excited about the formal pairing.

The new entity will continue to support Time Domain’s customer base through the sales of our UWB product lines.  Naturally there will be changes to our organizational structure and corporate identity; however we don’t anticipate any disruption in our policies, operations, or personnel that would cause concern. On the contrary, new and more robust capabilities should only enhance our capacity to serve you.

As always, we are available to you to address any specific questions that you may have. For myself, I am thrilled at the possibilities for our technology, our new corporate family, and most importantly, our customers. We are grateful for your business and remain committed to providing you with the finest in UWB precision ranging and radar technology.

The full press release is available here.

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