ATLOSCon is Coming!

The 2014 Atlanta Objectivist Society Conference (ATLOSCon) is coming up over Memorial Day weekend. The annual event brings together over sixty attendees for an action-packed program of lectures, workshops, and activities. The fun kicks off the evening of Thursday May 22, and concludes Monday May 26. I’ll be presenting a talk on “Research in the Era of State Science,” and I’ll be posting more details later this week.

A full list of ATLOSCon course descriptions are here. The schedule is here.  Register here… Classes are already filling up. Unfortunately, the course list is not organized by topic area, but I’ve made an attempt below. Apologies in advance to any speakers whose courses I’ve mischaracterized.


  • Parson Architecture: Recent Work by Earl Parson
  • How to Take Better Photos on Your Phone by Miranda Barzey
  • The Disease of Avant-Garde in Music: Its Symptoms, Etiology, and Prognosis by Aleksey Nikolsky
  • Music as a Language: The Natural Evolution of Emotional Communication by Andrew Zey
  • A Whirlwind Tour Through Beethoven’s Five Piano Concerti by Earl Parson

Rhetoric & Marketing

  • Improve Your Persuasiveness By Utilizing the “3 Languages of Politics” by Paul Hsieh
  • Marketing Research for Smarties: An Introduction to the Field of Marketing Research by Alisa Adamson
  • How to Be That Guy and Not That Other Guy (You Know the One) by Kelly Elmore
  • Avoiding Mount Stupid: Self-Discipline in Thinking and Persuasion by Andrew Dalton
  • Counterarguments: Not Just for Demolition by Kelly Elmore

Ethics & Epistemology

  • Confess Your Sins: The Moral Dangers of False Excuses by Diana Hsieh
  • Predation, Principles and Character by Kyle Haight
  • How We Went from Mind and Body to Whole People by Josh Job & Kelly Elmore
  • The Epistemological Spiral: Implications and Applications by Christian Wernstedt
  • Is There Any Value In That? by Neil Roeth
  • Objectivist Ethics by Aaron Bilger


  • Teaching Liberty in China by Robert Garmong
  • Traders are Winners ~ Kid Track ~ by Jenn Casey
  • Non-coercive Government and Free Riders by Aaron Bilger
  • The Liberty Amendments and the Convention of States by Kimberlee Thompson & Jacqueline Peterson
  • The Death of Privacy by  Josh Job


  • Earth’s Climate – What Causes it to Change? by Ken Andrews
  • Research in the Era of State Science by Hans Schantz
  • The Science of Cooking by Zahra Sotoudeh
  • How The Heck Does an MRI Machine Work? by Paul Hsieh

Life Skills, Hobbies & Self-Improvement

  • Makers Class: Build a Siege Engine ~ Kid Track ~ by Amanda Vogel
  • Kettlebells for Fun and Profit by Jenn Casey
  • Improve Your Relationships Through The 5 Love Languages by Miranda Barzey
  • Makers Class: Build a Marble Roller Coaster ~ Kid Track ~ by  Amanda Vogel
  • Adult Swim Training and Technique with Coach Cynthia Roeth
  • Practical Open and Concealed Carry by David Sharpe
  • Introduction to Chess Principles by Chris Land
  • Executive Functioning: Critical Output Skills for Everyone (even Executives) by Amanda Vogel
  • Immunity to Change: How to Identify and Eliminate Self Sabotage by Kimberlee Thompson
  • Introduction to Theory of Constraints by Jenn Casey
  • The Research Behind Mindset: Wanna Hear About Kelly’s Dissertation? by Kelly Elmore
  • Applying a Growth Mindset by Amanda Vogel
  • Prepping: Not Just For The Crazy People Any More by  Kyle Haight, Anne Haight, Brendan Casey, and Ryan Moore
  • Bug Out Bags: What They Are, Why You Need One, and How to Make One by Ryan Moore
  • What I Wish I’d Known as a New Objectivist by Diana Hsieh

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