WWII Journal: Paul Farnum, 26 July, 1944

At 19:45 today, 26 July 1944, the 313th Regiment was alerted to prepare to move across the Ay River tomorrow, following the 314th. Operation Cobra is achieving deep penetrations behind German lines. Soon the 313th and the rest of the 79th Division will be advancing to maintain pressure on the Germans as they fall back.

Armored divisions have penetrated German lines and are on the verge of a breakout, thanks to Operation Cobra, launched in the past week. On the far east of the U.S. line, the 313th Infantry Regiment has been alerted to be ready to follow the 314th and 315th across the Ay River. Source: Martin Blumenson, U.S. Army in WWII European Theater of Operations: Breakout and Pursuit, (Washington, DC: Center for Military History, U.S. Army, 1961), Map V.

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