TSA and Suspicious Electronics Prototypes

AetherCzar has passed on a number of TSA stories – most of which cast the agency in a poor light. In fairness, I should relate the story of what happened when Q-Track hauled a  suspicious looking RF transmitter prototype through the security checkpoint at the Huntsville, AL airport last week.

One of the TSA officers on duty indicated that our transmitter was one of the most suspicious looking items she’d ever seen. She questioned the Q-Track team about what we were carrying and why. We explained that our gadgets were prototype mine tracking devices that we were taking for an operational test. Not only did the TSA officers rescan our equipment through the X-Ray, but then they used a good portion of a pack of wipes checking our devices carefully for explosives residues. The results were negative (good thing none of us had been to a shooting range lately!). The whole screening took only a few minutes, and then they let us continue on our way.

My Q-Track colleagues and I were treated fairly, courteously, and with respect. I can’t complain.

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