The Hidden Truth

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“… the best science fiction techno-thriller since
whatever Neil Stephenson’s last book was.”
-Ken Holder, L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

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HiddenTruthFeatureThey subverted science, rewrote history, and corrupted society.

Now he knows. And he’ll prove it, if they don’t kill him first.

Read the amazing new science fiction techno-thriller about the conspiracy corrupting the world and the young man who rallies his friends and family to fight back.

Readers React:

  • “It’s like Dan Brown meets Ayn Rand!”
  • “A really fun read with interesting tie ins to actual history.”
  • “You will be glad that you read this book, if you like Robert Heinlein, Jerry Pournelle, or just learning about how the world works.”
  • “Dense and well written normally don’t go together. This book manages to combine those attributes wonderfully.”
  • “As a longtime science fiction fan, I’ve read thousands of short stories and novels. The author has accomplished a rare feat: introducing a really new idea into the genre, and then writing a highly readable story around the idea.”
  • “This was a very fun, rewarding, and intelligent book to read. The premise is an alternate history path where Gore beats Bush in 2000. That premise provides for some political commentary and assumptions which were quite believable, with echoes of Atlas Shrugged.”
  • “The boys have immense courage and dedication. The story is fun reading. Moves fast and you can’t put it down. You feel like you’re in an OODA Loop where time is compressed. The boys and their allies have to constantly stay a step ahead of the enemy who they see closing in. They have to stay observant, and they do so with a youthful urgency to get to the bottom of hidden truths they’ve stumbled upon. Tuning out the chaos of death and destruction along the way, they need to go forward, to learn fast the elements of the secrets that evil forces of men and groups have put into place for over a century. The dialogue is a joy to read, the boys speaking in precise language of a studious curiosity from their love of the science of the matter.”

Welcome to the homepage for The Hidden Truth. In an alternate timeline, the 9/11 attack killed President Gore and the government instituted comprehensive and pervasive surveillance. A conspiracy rewrote history, subverted science, and corrupted society. The Hidden Truth tells the story of how a young man discovers subtle hints and clues of the cover-up. Then, he must rally his friends and family to figure out the hidden truth, before the conspirators can figure out who is after their secrets.

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