In April, University of California, San Francisco scientists wrote Dr. John P. Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, expressing their concerns regarding X-ray backscatter scanners. Last month they received a detailed technical reply, posted on the FDA website November 8. One of the more egregious technical problems […]

Latest on X-Ray Backscatter Safety

Here are a few Thanksgiving day updates on full-body scanners: See My Helical Tryst: TSA X-ray backscatter body scanner safety report: hide your kids, hide your wife for an in depth analysis from a biochemist on the radiation dose from x-ray backscatter scanners. He reiterates the critical point that safety […]

Body Scanner Updates

This post extends on my post of last week: How Full-Body Scanners Work – and Fail The aim of this post is to explain x-ray backscatter scanning in further detail by examining a few of the patents that describe how x-ray backscatter full-body scanners work. In order to receive a […]

How X-Ray Backscatter Full-Body Scanners Work

It’s been tough to keep up with all the news on body scanning developments. Here are a few items from the last few days: Your Morning Cup Of TSA Horror – The Consumerist. Representative Holt Continues to Question Science, Effectiveness of TSA Full Body Scanners. Hat Tip: Mark Frauenfelder, BoingBoing […]

Body Scanner Updates

Today’s post is a mix of recent updates and older background posts on full-body scanners. Kevin Poulsen writes in Wired that New York City may forbid TSA from using body scanners at New York airports, including JFK. There’s a summary on full-body scanners in New Scientist. Here’s an older piece […]

Body-Scanner Updates and Links

A couple of days ago when I explained How Full-Body Scanners Work – and Fail, I didn’t mention any potential health risks because millimeter wave signals are inherently non-ionizing and the power levels associated with the potentially ionizing backscatter X-ray scanners seemed at first glance to be negligibly small. However, […]

Are Backscatter X-Ray Scanners Harmful?

TSA has been introducing full-body scanners to perform a virtual strip search of air travelers. Although technically travelers have the right to opt out, the TSA discourages this behavior with aggressive and invasive pat-down searches. Initially, TSA denied punitive pat-down searches. Then they acknowledged testing a “more aggressive pat-down technique.” […]

How Full-Body Scanners Work – and Fail

AetherCzar has passed on a number of TSA stories – most of which cast the agency in a poor light. In fairness, I should relate the story of what happened when Q-Track hauled a  suspicious looking RF transmitter prototype through the security checkpoint at the Huntsville, AL airport last week.

TSA and Suspicious Electronics Prototypes

TSA humiliated an amputee mother, and traumatized her four-year-old son, according to her story, here [LINK BROKEN]. Hat tip: Radley Balko Update: Adding insult to injury, the mother in question was so traumatized by trolls that she deleted the original post (cached).

Amputee Mommy Versus TSA

A few quick picks… Austrian physicists claim ball lighting is an optical illusion induced in the visual center of the brain by the intense magnetic fields of lightning. PatentlyO on the USPTO’s proposal to create a “slow,” “standard,” and “fast” lane for patent applications. Applicants will pay more for a […]

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has begun introducing full-body scanners. The scanners employ low-power X-ray backscattering or millimeter wave technology to generate an image of your body, enabling them to detect most concealed objects. Some people are concerned that the scans amount to a virtual disrobing, even though the systems […]

Full Body Scans – An Offer You Can’t Refuse?