Robert Byrne

Robert Byrne, author of a number of outstanding novels featuring engineers as protagonists, is recovering from a stroke according to the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald. The 85-year-old author, humorist, and columnist was expected to be returning to Dubuque for rehabilitation this week. Better known for his works on Pool and Billiards, Byrne […]

Engineer-Novelist Stricken by Stroke

An American engineer must overcome the objections of environmentalists as well as the machinations of terrorists to complete a tunnel under the English Channel on time and under budget. Robert Byrne’s The Tunnel (1977) is an action-thriller in an engineering setting. This was Byrne’s first engineering novel. Writing in Behold […]

Review: The Tunnel, by Robert Byrne

Frequent ÆtherCzar visitors will have picked up on my appreciation for Robert Byrne and his engineering novels. If you’re not familiar with his work, the first post below is a good place to start. Engineer as Hero: The Novels of Robert Byrne Book Review: Skyscraper by Robert Byrne Book Review: […]

Robert Byrne Comments on His Novel, Skyscraper

An engineering consultant (who specializes in failure analysis) must remain true to his independent judgment when his client and his employer both seek to cover up evidence of dangerous problems in a mid-town Manhattan skyscraper. In his 1984 novel, Skyscraper, Byrne describes an intricate confluence of corruption, corner-cutting, and poor […]

Book Review: Skyscraper by Robert Byrne

A young engineer applies innovative analysis to determine that a dam designed by his firm’s most senior engineer is in imminent danger of collapse and then must take matters into his own hands when his findings are ignored. Robert Byrne’s The Dam (1981) pits the analysis of a brilliant but […]

Book Review: The Dam, by Robert Byrne

After a famous wooden roller coaster injures passengers with the violence of the ride, an engineer hired to evaluate new safety modifications must analyze and diagnose a disturbing series of malfunctions before the grand re-opening. Thrill features an engaging cast of characters: the stalwart and straightlaced midwestern engineer, the mad […]

Book Review: Thrill by Robert Byrne

Few novels capture the drama, the passion, and the excitement of engineering. To do justice to the subject, the author must be conversant with engineering science and practice. In addition, the author must write with sufficient power and clarity to make the relevant technical details clear to a non-technical audience […]

Engineer as Hero: The Novels of Robert Byrne